Nursery Visit

Vinay turns two in September. He turns two and will start nursery. *gulps*
We had initially decided that he'd start in April when he was 18-19 months, but then realised he really wasn't ready for it.
On Monday I remembered that we hadn't paid his registration fees yet, and his place was therefore not guaranteed.
I rushed over to the nursery (with him in tow) straight after playgroup to meet the owner.
Again, like the time before, I had a lovely feeling when I walked in. And Vinay couldn't quite believe how much outdoor equipment they had.
I went in to meet the lady, and she was warm and welcoming. She sat me down, V in the next chair and talked me through the calendar, fees (more about that another time), structure of the day, etc.
V had sat quite well, looking around for a while.
The owner asked why we hadn't enrolled him in April as planned. I explained that we didn't think he was ready.
At this point, V had seen something he desperately wanted to go and investigate. But he didn't want to go alone.
So while I was filling out his registration form, he kept saying, 'mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama' over and over and over again. Trying to get my attention.
The lady looked at him and said, 'I think he's ready now!'
And… I think she's right.
When did my baby grow up?

A Project 366 Re-think

So it seems that the time has come for me to admit to something…

I’m disappointed in myself, but I won’t be taking part in Project 366 any more.

There’s not even a specific reason – apart from disorganisation and forgetfulness on my part.

I actually quite enjoy sharing my pictures – I’ve enjoyed taking part.  But I can’t keep it up.

I figured it was time to stop and re-think when I got to a stage where I suddenly thought, ‘Oh crap! I haven’t taken a picture today! What should I take a picture of?’

I think I’m going to rename my 366 blog and still share photos – but I’ll do it as and when I can…



I don’t know if I knew what to expect when I had a child...

I’m pleased to report that having a newborn wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be.  Or maybe I can’t actually remember what it was like…?

One thing is for sure, I didn’t expect my sweet little baby boy to turn into a toddling monster!

I didn’t expect him to love the dog as much as I do, but he does.  He loves to cuddle him (though Rolo doesn’t like it) and kiss him (Rolo doesn’t like that either).  When he’s stroking him, he calls me to see.  And he likes that I tell him he’s such a good boy for being gentle.  

That being said, I didn’t expect him to walk around (following the dog), call my name, smile when I look at him and then give Rolo a swift kick up the bum!   

And when I get cross with him, he laughs!  He laughs and then does it again!  He doesn’t realise that I get more cross because I’m worried that one day Rolo might not react well…

I hoped that Vinay would one day enjoy colouring and drawing (not that he can do either very well, of course).  And I’m happy to say that he does!  He likes me to draw pictures for him – pictures of buses, tankers, cars, dogs, cats, snakes and monkeys.  All I can say is, thank goodness he doesn’t know yet how rubbish my drawing is!  He enjoys colouring (scribbling).  He even knows one or two colours.

I didn’t expect him to colour on the tables, sofas and walls.  And I certainly didn’t expect him to carry on doing it when he’s been told not to.  He calls my name, and when he has my full attention, he runs over to the white wall and colours on it!  And again, he thinks it’s funny.

I am thrilled that my child has a love for shoes – just like his mama 🙂  He LOVES them.  He loves wearing mama’s shoes.  Papa’s too.  

I did not expect him to want to try on his new shoes (stored in a cupboard for now as they’re still too big) *every* day and have a tantrum when mama says, ‘no’.

I know that Vinay loves buses, trucks, tankers, fire engines and police cars.  The fact that he gets so excited by them amazes me.  I didn’t think he’d ever move on from animals (his first love).

I did not expect him to shout, ‘MAMA! CANKA!’ every single time he sees a tanker (which is very very frequently).  And he keeps shouting, ‘MAMA!  MAMA!  MAMA!’ until I acknowledge the tanker.

I did not expect him to shout, ‘MAMA!’ and do the wheels on the bus action every single time he sees a bus (which is very frequently).  Again, he shouts and keeps on shouting, ‘MAMA!  MAMA!  MAMA!’ until I acknowledge the damn bus.

He likes to touch everything.  Open every cupboard and drawer.  Explore as much as he can.  And while this is ok within reason, there are some cupboards, drawers, things that he just can’t touch, play with, empty out.

I did not expect him to keep going back to that particular item, cupboard, drawer over and over and over again and screaming and stamping his feet when he doesn’t get what he wants.

I knew that having a child would mean having mess everywhere.  I’m not the neatest person around (LagosDad is much tidier than I am), but my mess is organised.  And I put stuff away from time to time.

I definitely did not expect one little person to make SO much mess.  And on purpose, as well!  I did not realise that he would throw his books on the floor whenever he felt like it.  Or that he would chuck his crayons around the room, even after being told (very nicely and sometimes quite sternly) not to.  

I did not expect him to actually watch me watching him do it!

A few weeks ago we went to visit a friend and her baby.  Vinay decided that he was going to throw the baby’s books all over the floor.  I did not expect this from him.  He is usually very well-behaved when we go out.  I asked him nicely (yet firmly) to pick up the books and put them back.  He ignored me.  Twice.  Or was it three times?  Finally, I said, ‘Vinay!  Aunty will shout at you if you don’t pick up the baby’s books and put them back!’

I did not expect him to look at my friend and then pick up everything and put it away!  To be honest, I was a little disappointed that the thought of someone he’s only met twice shouting at him, rather than his mother asking him, was enough to make him tidy up.

I don’t even know what to expect next!  

Any hints or tips from anyone?




Singing Time

This morning we went to playgroup – as we (almost) always do on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We’ve been going for eight months now, and Vinay has really settled in well.  He LOVES it.  He calls it ‘bamba’.  I don’t know what the connection is, but there you go.

He’s become more independent.  He’s quite happy to play on his own.  But only until he sees I’m busy talking to someone.  Then he suddenly needs *all* my attention!

When we first started going, he would sit in my lap during singing time and I’d sing for both of us and move his hands/arms/feet accordingly (depending on the song/action).

After a few months, he still sat in my lap and would do a couple of actions when he felt like it.

Then he started sitting in a small chair, but insisted I sit right behind him and prod him to do the actions (the prodding being my decision).  He usually only ever did it for a second or two of each song though.  

It really irritated me – because at home he does them ALL the time!  

I know he was busy watching the other children, was fascinated by what they were doing and is always learning as well – but it still bugged me!

This morning…

This morning he sat in a chair on his own.

This morning he didn’t call me to sit behind him.

This morning I didn’t have to encourage him to do any actions.

This morning he did all the actions of every song by himself and smiled the whole time.

This morning I looked at my son in amazement.

*proud face*

When He Grows Up…

If you have children, you will have hopes and dreams for them.  

You will want them to be happy and healthy.  You will want them to find jobs, be well ‘settled’.  You will want them to be the best that they can be.

I often wonder what kind of job Vinay will have when he grows up.

Will he *have* to join LagosDad in the family business?  Will he work in a bar like LagosDad before joining the business?  Will he be a teacher?  

He is nearly 21 months old now, and judging from his (ever-changing) interests, I think he may grow up to be one (or more) of the following…

1.  A vet.  In a zoo.

2.  A bus driver

3.  A mechanic

4.  A (water or diesel) tanker driver

5.  A bus conductor

6.  Something to do with wheels.  Manufacturing tires, maybe?

7.  A footballer

8.  Something that requires lots of reading

9.  An artist

10. A hairdresser

11. A sign-language teacher

12. A cleaner

13. A horse-rider (though he’s never been on a real one!)

Whatever he chooses to do, I hope he’ll be happy and healthy…

What do you think your child will do when he/she grows up?