On Our Way

The day has finally come!

We've been talking about it for weeks. Maybe even months!

Today, we're on our way to Bali for our summer holiday πŸ™‚

It's about 20 hours of flying time, plus two two-hour stopovers. I have no idea what V's going to be like!

I cannot wait to see my parents (I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune in a few days) and hang out with my sister, brother and sister-in-law.

More soon!


My television is on all the time.  I’m not always watching it (though I do watch a lot) – but I like to have it on – you know, for background noise.  Sometimes it’s the news, sometimes MTV, sometimes some rubbish on The Style Network – but it’s always on.

Last week a couple of new expats arrived in LagosDad’s office. LagosDad told me they needed cable in their apartment.  Ok…  And?  He then went on to tell me that since our satellite box/dish thingy needed to be upgraded, he was planning on moving it to the expat apartment and getting us a new one.  Cool.


On Saturday afternoon (in the middle of America’s Next Top Model omnibus) the cable guy came and removed our dish and decoder.



Eastenders every weekday.  The Lying Game on Sunday. Jerseylicious on Tuesday.  A new show that started on Tuesday last week (can’t remember what it’s called).  White Collar tonight.  Ringer tonight.  Desperate Housewives tonight.

On the plus side, I’ve been reading a lot.  Absolute nonsense, total trash – but still reading.  Not really the point though, is it?


He Speaks!

I worried and I worried – for quite some time about Vinay not speaking.

Mil would ask me every day (EVERY. DAY.), ‘Is he saying anything?’ My mother would say, ‘Maybe there’s something wrong.  Maybe you should take him to a doctor?’

I shrugged them both off – telling them he’d speak when he was ready.  But inside, I was actually worried.  

I read somewhere that between 18 and 24 months toddlers learn about 20 words a day.  I jumped to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with my child, because he could only say about 10 words at 20 – 21 months.

Someone on Twitter kindly pointed out to me (making me feel a bit thick) that I hadn’t taken into account all the words that he understood.

Oh yes!  He understands EVERYTHING.

I am pleased to report, though, that Vinay (at 22 months) is now talking!  

mama, papa, nani (maternal grandmother), nana (maternal grandfather), dada (paternal grandfather), dadi (paternal grandmother), mamo (mother’s brother), uncle, aunty, ball, bus, Rolo, meow (cat), come, cup, tea, row row row (boat), poo poo, more, tanker, yaya (nanny), car, hi, bye bye, under, me

and a few others as well!

I’m so pleased πŸ™‚

London. In List Form.

Ten days ago I went to London for a week.  I went and left V in Lagos with LagosDad, the nanny and my in-laws.  I have left him once before, and I thought that this time would be easier.  It wasn’t.  As it turns out, he was absolutely fine.  He loved spending time with LagosDad and his Dadi (paternal grandmother) and didn’t miss me at all.

It was great to be back in London – I’m glad I stayed with my cousin and her mum rather than on my own, or I’d have been really lonely.

To tell you everything that happened during the week would take forever – so I’m going to try and break it down!


1. On arrival, go to departures to sort out return ticket.

2. Answer phone calls before leaving airport. a) I have a new nephew (hooray!). b) How does one work the TV and DVD player? c) Why does V keep pointing at his neck? (He wants to watch his giraffe DVD)

3. Get home and unpack.


4. Leave home at 9.30am.  Run errands (change money, sort out BlackBerry service, post letters, collect passport application form, etc)

5. Hair appointment at 12pm.  Takes FOUR hours! 

6. Miss the time was meant to meet ex-colleague so she can counter-sign form/pictures for new passport because of extra-long hair appointment!

7. Go straight to Oxford Street and buy all Vinay’s crap.  Potty seat, pyjamas, toys, t-shirts, shorts, etc.

8. Meet cousin for dinner (lovely cousin who went home after work to pick up her car so I didn’t have to carry all packages).

9. Go to Sainsbury’s to buy Pampers for V.

10. Pack one suitcase with all bought that day.


11. Leave home at 8.15am to get to old school in time for ex-colleague to counter-sign passport form/pictures for new passport.

12. Run errand for mum.

13. Shower/change and go to The Hoxton πŸ™‚

14. Drink.  Unpack.  Register at BritMums Live.  Look around feeling awkward.  Meet some amazing people.  Drink some more.  Go for dinner.  Drink some more.  Go back to hotel.  Drink some more.  Pass out at 2am.


15. Wake up late.  Oops.

16. Make it to The Brewery at 11am.  Oops.

17. Talk to people.  Hang around.  Talk some more.  Make new friends.

18. Have an amazing cheeseburger with even more amazing ladies.  And a drink, of course.

19. Pack.


20. Laze.  Full English.  Chat.

21. Say goodbye and head home and unpack.

22. Decide to go out to Oxford Street, but too tired to focus on or achieve anything.

23. Go home and spend evening in front of TV with aunt.  Perfect!


24. Make appointment for new passport on time.

25. Re-take passport pictures as forehead was too shiny in last set.

26. Wander around Victoria for four hours – shop, eat, light a couple of candles in Westminster Cathedral and say a prayer for a friend in need.

27. Go home, change shoes and drop off shopping bags.  Head to Oxford Street.

28. Wander from store to store.  Try on loads.  Buy 3 pairs of shorts, 2 dresses and a few tops.

29. Lovely cousin goes home from work to collect car (again).  Dinner out (again).  Sainsbury’s (again) to buy LagosDad’s ham, cheese, sausages and cereal.

30. Go home and pack.  Until 3am.


31. Wake up at 8.20am instead of leave at 8.20am.  Oops.

32. Take two buses, hour-long tube ride and a mini-cab to visit sister-in-law and new baby.

33. Number 32 in reverse an hour later.

34. Finish packing last minute junk and chill for a couple of hours.

35. Leave for airport earlier than necessary.

36. Wander around duty-free looking for gifts for LagosDad and fil.

37. Finally time to board.  

38. Pray the next seat stays empty (it did!).

39. Never been so glad to switch off phone and sit still for six hours.

40. Never been so glad to go home to my toddling monster!