This summer we were in Bali for a month.  It was fabulous!  

While we were there I wrote a post about how Vinay wouldn’t try anything new and how it was annoying me – because I knew he’d like doing/eating those things.

After our holiday I wrote a post about how much progress he’d made during the few weeks we were away.

See the picture below?  That was him during our last week.  In the pool, in his arm bands without holding on to anyone.  Amazing.


LagosDad and I came back full of good intentions to take him swimming at *least* once a week.  To continue to build his confidence in the water.

Sadly, however, it just didn’t happen.  He was ill, I had to plan his birthday party, he started nursery, I was ill, he was ill again, I was ill again, it rained a lot.  All the usual excuses.

When two friends said they wanted to start swimming lessons with their kids and would Vinay join, I jumped at the chance.  YES!

I prepared V for what was coming.  I told him over and over again that we were going swimming with his friends and he was quite excited about it.  Until we got in the car.  That’s when he repeated over and over again, ‘Mama no.  No swimming.’

As far as I was concerned, the boy was getting in the pool – whether he liked it or not.

The first lesson – he watched for about twenty minutes before changing and eventually getting in for about five minutes.

The second lesson – he watched, but cried the whole time and refused to get in.  I hate to admit that I took him in for a few minutes anyway – even though he was crying.

Later that week I took him to the pool with my friend and her son.  Again, he refused to get changed or get in and I didn’t force him.

Last Saturday the swimming lesson was cancelled, but LagosDad took him to the pool anyway.  I was busy at another bazaar.  

I was a bit relieved, actually.  I don’t think I could have taken any more of his screaming.

They came to see me at the bazaar after swimming and Vinay was talking about going swimming with his Papa.  Apparently they’d had the most fantastic time playing in the pool.


So he swam with LagosDad, but wouldn’t even get changed with me?!

What’s that all about?

I have three theories.

1. It’s a boy thing – he doesn’t spend much time with LagosDad during the week, so this was a bonding thing…

2. He’s quite shy and nervous (as I’ve said before) and didn’t feel confident enough to swim with so many other people around… (There were at least 3 – 6 other people about during our previous sessions).

3. It’s just me…

We’ve promised ourselves that we’ll take him every week and make it a family thing without a whole bunch of other people around.  

Fingers crossed!

He Ate It?!

If you follow me on Twitter I’m sure you have read a whole lot of tweets from me about what a fussy eater V is.

He won’t eat food that look strange to him.  He won’t eat foods that have certain textures.  Sometimes he won’t eat the food he usually loves.  Not uncommon for a toddler, I know.

But what irritates me is that he won’t try anything new!  He may get all excited about the prospect.  He’ll say his usual, ‘nummy nummy’ (yummy yummy), but when it comes down to it, he won’t eat it.

This is why I’m shocked.  Shocked, I tell you.

One of his nursery topics this term is Food.  

When I dropped him off one morning last week, his teacher told me that they were going to make (and eat) sandwiches that day.  I said, ‘Oh that’s great!  I hope he eats it!’  Already knowing that there was no way in hell he was going to eat a sandwich.  Toast, yes.  A sandwich?  No chance.

When I picked V up after school I asked him what he did that day.

He told me he made a sandwich and that he put cucumber and tomatoes inside.  I asked him if he ate it.  He said, ‘Yes.  Mama, nummy!’

I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t believe him.  Vinay? Eat cucumbers and tomatoes? Hahahaha

The next morning I asked his teacher how the sandwich-making went and if Vinay ate his.  She said it went very well and that they not only put cucumbers and tomatoes in, but also cheese.  And yes, Vinay ate it.


How was this possible?

Since that day I’ve asked him if he wants a sandwich.  

‘No mama’.

We can put cucumbers and tomatoes inside?  Like in school?  

‘No mama.’

Do you want to make it yourself?  You can show mama how you did it?  

‘No mama.’

I’m going to be tearing my hair out soon!