Two weeks ago I wrote this post, and I’m happy to say that I’m still exercising and I’m still enjoying it!

Now the actual point of this post is to tell you about my Zaggora HotPants.

I had one pair already and I ordered a pair of Capris and another pair of HotPants.  They finally arrived last Friday (two weeks before they were scheduled to) and I could NOT wait to wear the Capris during my Saturday workout.

Come Saturday morning, I pulled them on and started my workout.  Halfway through I thought they felt a bit funny.  I pulled up my t-shirt and saw a hole in the Capris just over my bellybutton!  

Yes, yes – let’s hear the jokes about how I obviously need to lose weight or about how I should have bought a bigger size!

I took a picture immediately and sent it off to Zaggora customer service.  I won’t attach the picture here, it might frighten you!

Their customer service got back to me this morning and they are sending me a new pair!


Now THAT is what I call service.


So there’s this thing…  It’s a thing I can’t do.

It’s a thing that makes me feel inadequate as a woman and I find it very embarrassing.

However, I decided I had to share it because there must be others out there like me…

So, the thing is…


I don’t know how to fasten my bra behind my back.

There.  I said it.  *hangs head in shame*

It’s not like I haven’t tried.  I have.  But I just can’t do it!

I can’t get the hooks and eyes lined up correctly.  And if I do line them up correctly, I can’t get them to fasten!

Please, please – someone – please tell me I’m not the only one!

Cutting The Line

This afternoon I took Vinay to go get some groceries.

After experiencing Park N’ Shop on a Saturday a few weeks ago, I decided I would try and avoid ALL grocery stores over the weekend as much as possible.

Alas, that was not possible today.  I can’t even blame it on anyone.  It’s only because of my own disorganisation.

Anyway, I whipped round the store as quickly as possible with Vinay sitting in the filthy trolley.  There was no other choice – he either sat in the trolley or got run over by other trolleys.  The place is tiny and cramped – two trolleys can’t fit side by side in the aisles.  Two people can barely fit.

So I got to the till and stood behind (but not directly behind as the tills are L-shaped) the person paying.  Another (Indian) lady turned up with her basket, stood in front of me and started unloading her stuff!

I just looked at her.  I couldn’t believe it.

I said to Vinay (loudly), ‘Oh, I’m sure we were next in line.’  With a tiny hint of sarcasm, of course.

She looked at me, smiled and said, ‘I only have a couple of things, do you mind?’

I replied, ‘Well, since you’re already standing there there’s not really much I can do.’

She huffed and turned her attention back to her basket.

At that moment, one of the guys that work there took me over to another till, I paid and was out before she had finished.  Hah!

So – should I have just stayed quiet?  

She was older than me, but by no means elderly.  She is what I would classify as an ‘aunty’ – anyone your parents age is called ‘aunty’ and ‘uncle’.  But I didn’t know her.  Should I have been more respectful?

If I had known her, would I have said anything?  Probably not.  Most of you would think that if she knew me she wouldn’t cut in front of me.  But – I’ve experienced ‘aunties’ just standing in front of you in the line to pay.  Why?  Because they can.  And they know you can’t do or say a damn thing about it.  They’re friends of your parents or your in-laws.  They talk and spread gossip and they KNOW you can’t do anything!

What would you have done?

Cough, Cough

When V was about fourteen months old, he had a bad chest infection.  It was so bad, the doctor said he was about one day away from pneumonia.

Ever since then, each cough has sent me into a panic.  Because it’s not just a cough.  Each cough is accompanied by high temperatures and a runny nose.

This year he has had more bottles of cough syrup than I care to mention; and he was on antibiotics three times between February and April.

When the doctor listened to his chest each of those three times, he said he could hear him wheezing and all the phlegm building up in his lungs.  

This obviously concerns me – but the doctor said not to panic and that he was fine, it was normal for children his age to get coughs, etc. 

LagosDad once mentioned that he thought perhaps V was getting so ill all the time because  he wasn’t breastfed (#*%!).

Anyway, so after his last dose of antibiotics, he got better.  His temperature went back to normal, he chucked-up most of the phlegm and he went back to nursery.

The strange thing was that V wasn’t coughing any more, but he was still really phlegmy and his nose was still runny.  His breathing wasn’t clear when he slept and he always sounded like he needed to clear his throat.

When it hadn’t stopped after another week, I took him back to the doctor.  The doctor asked me why I had come back when there was clearly nothing wrong with my child.  He said his lungs were clear and that it might just be an allergy or something.  He told me to give him Clarityne for five nights.

It didn’t work.  

So I continued with cough syrup.  

It didn’t work.

Many people offered me lots of different advice – Vicks, air purifiers, home remedies, all sorts. 

Before I got the chance to test any of them, he was fine.

Just like that.  Practically over night.  Maybe in even less time.

And I realised…

It cleared up after the dog was shaved.

Poor Rolo.  He looks like a little rat when he’s shaved – and it’s usually done every six months.  

Now he’s destined to look like a rat all the time!

Stranger Things Have Happened…

Something is amiss…

Something very strange. 

I’m *whispers* exercising!  


What is going on here?

If you read this post, you’ll know that exercising isn’t on my list of favourite things to do.  I’ve always had an excuse.

I started going to pilates two or three times a weeks for a few weeks.  And while I enjoy it, I didn’t feel like I was doing enough.  Couple that with the fact that I could never make it on time, if it at all (no thanks to ‘someone’ who has no sense of timing), and I stopped going.  

But I still wanted to do something.  I’m tired of looking like a potato.

So I dusted off a Davina DVD (I won’t be going back to P90X) I bought two years ago (and never opened) and have started doing that.  While I find her slightly annoying, I’m enjoying the workouts.

And not only that – I’ve dug out (and started wearing) my Zaggora HotPants and ordered more.  

I’ve also finally synced my iTunes and I’m listening to my slimpod again.

While I haven’t noticed anything different in the way I look – I definitely feel good 🙂

Well…  Stranger things have happened!