Excuses, Excuses


Yes.  That’s me.

In spite of having the best intentions, I just cannot bring myself to put on my trainers and do any exercise.

Suggest an activity.  Go on, do it.  I can guarantee you that I’ll have an excuse for why I can’t (or won’t) do it.

Pilates (which I planned to do when I got back in January)?  

No – the instructor had an accident and broke her collar bone.

Boot Camp (which many of my friends do in the morning)?

Ugh – the thought of bouncing around, getting sweaty and people watching me while I do it?  No thank you.


Same as above.


Could do.  But I don’t have a pool, so having to rely on other people is a problem.


I’d like to go with someone I know.  And the people I know that go walking go in the evening.  And I don’t want to leave Vinay home.

Fitness DVD?

Also a possibility.  But we rarely have power in the morning.  And although the TV and DVD player work on our inverter, it would be too hot.



It’s ridiculous.  I know I want/need to lose some weight, but I want it to happen magically.  I realise this is impossible.  I’m not completely deluded.  

I think I need to dig out my Thinking Slimmer CD…

How do I stop making excuses for myself?  

Suggestions, anyone?

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