Now that Vinay is in nursery I suddenly find myself with spare time in the mornings.  (I have things to do – but usually I end up playing Candy Crush and reading trashy novels.)

As much as I enjoy having time to do these things, I do miss Vinay.  And I wonder about what he’s doing.  Is he participating in activities?  Is he drawing?  Painting?  Singing?

I love picking him up at the end of his day and seeing his face light up when he sees me waiting for him.

I like hearing about the things he’s done that day.  Usually he just shares one thing.  “I played outside.”  Or, “I painted a cat.”  And then it’s up to me to ask questions so I get more information.  Nothing wrong with that – and understandable at his age.

Since he’s gone back this week though, things are different…

Me: What did you do in school today?

V: Nothing.

Me: Did you draw?

V: Yes.

Me: What did you draw?

V: Nothing

Me: Oh…  Did you sing a song?

V: Yes.

Me: Oh that’s nice!  Which song did you sing?

V: Nothing.

Me: Did you eat your snack?

V: Yes.

Me: What did you eat?

V: Nothing

Bloody hell.  

Aren’t these meant to be answers to questions when he’s in his teens?



The older Vinay becomes and the more independent he gets, the more he tries my patience.

I understand that he’s trying to see how far he can push me by testing his boundaries.  Or is it my boundaries?  And I know that his behaviour is quite normal for a two and a half year old.

What I don’t understand is why he deliberately does things that he KNOWS he shouldn’t.  Like throwing things, standing on books, kicking the dog, not eating lunch and/or dinner…  The list goes on and on.

But what I really want to know is…

How is it possible that I, his mother, had more patience with a class of twenty five and six year olds than with one two year old?

Arty Crafty Stuff

I’m not the most creative of people.  I’m really not.

I hated doing Art at school.  And I wasn’t too fond of teaching it either.

Finding fun and suitable activities was easy.  Colleagues always had great ideas – but I never did. *sad face*

The fact that I don’t have a creative bone in my body had been weighing on my mind for some weeks – because I’ve always wanted to do art and craft activities with V.  And while, like I said, getting the ideas is easy, sometimes finding the materials isn’t!

Just before Easter I was ordering some stuff on Amazon and came across Alex Little Hands pre-school craft kits.  They looked interesting (and easy!) so I thought I’d order a couple.

Today we opened the first one…


Inside, each pop stick art animal that you could make was packaged individually.  No faffing about looking for this bit and that piece.  And a glue stick was even included!


The instructions were super easy to follow!


And the animals were fun to make!



Vinay really enjoyed it and so did I!

Hooray for Alex Little Hands (for those of us that aren’t arty crafty)!

Did It

So, I did it.

Twenty months after going to my last exercise class (or doing any kind of exercise, for that matter) I went to pilates this morning.

I went.  I enjoyed it.  I’m still alive.  And I’m going again.



No – it’s not spam and I haven’t been hacked.

This post is actually called Pussy.

Two days ago Vinay and I were doing his Farm Animals sticker book.

On the page we were doing he had to place the stickers of baby animals next to their mothers.

We were talking about the animals, what the babies were called, the noises they make and how cute they are.

And the conversation took a sudden turn.

V: Mama, see pussy.

Me: See WHAT?  Oh yes, see it’s a cat!

V: No mama.  It’s pussy.

Me: Yes Vinay, it’s a cat.

V: See baby pussy.

Me: Yes – what a cute kitten!

V: No. His name is Pussy.  Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy.

Me: Yes Vinay, it’s a mama cat and her kitten.

V: Mama, please tell Papa to buy me pussy.

Me: Should we finish the rest of this tomorrow?

V: Yes.  Goodbye pussy!

Jesus.  I thought that conversation would never end!