Now that Vinay is in nursery I suddenly find myself with spare time in the mornings.  (I have things to do – but usually I end up playing Candy Crush and reading trashy novels.)

As much as I enjoy having time to do these things, I do miss Vinay.  And I wonder about what he’s doing.  Is he participating in activities?  Is he drawing?  Painting?  Singing?

I love picking him up at the end of his day and seeing his face light up when he sees me waiting for him.

I like hearing about the things he’s done that day.  Usually he just shares one thing.  “I played outside.”  Or, “I painted a cat.”  And then it’s up to me to ask questions so I get more information.  Nothing wrong with that – and understandable at his age.

Since he’s gone back this week though, things are different…

Me: What did you do in school today?

V: Nothing.

Me: Did you draw?

V: Yes.

Me: What did you draw?

V: Nothing

Me: Oh…  Did you sing a song?

V: Yes.

Me: Oh that’s nice!  Which song did you sing?

V: Nothing.

Me: Did you eat your snack?

V: Yes.

Me: What did you eat?

V: Nothing

Bloody hell.  

Aren’t these meant to be answers to questions when he’s in his teens?


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