Arty Crafty Stuff

I’m not the most creative of people.  I’m really not.

I hated doing Art at school.  And I wasn’t too fond of teaching it either.

Finding fun and suitable activities was easy.  Colleagues always had great ideas – but I never did. *sad face*

The fact that I don’t have a creative bone in my body had been weighing on my mind for some weeks – because I’ve always wanted to do art and craft activities with V.  And while, like I said, getting the ideas is easy, sometimes finding the materials isn’t!

Just before Easter I was ordering some stuff on Amazon and came across Alex Little Hands pre-school craft kits.  They looked interesting (and easy!) so I thought I’d order a couple.

Today we opened the first one…


Inside, each pop stick art animal that you could make was packaged individually.  No faffing about looking for this bit and that piece.  And a glue stick was even included!


The instructions were super easy to follow!


And the animals were fun to make!



Vinay really enjoyed it and so did I!

Hooray for Alex Little Hands (for those of us that aren’t arty crafty)!

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