Cough, Cough

When V was about fourteen months old, he had a bad chest infection.  It was so bad, the doctor said he was about one day away from pneumonia.

Ever since then, each cough has sent me into a panic.  Because it’s not just a cough.  Each cough is accompanied by high temperatures and a runny nose.

This year he has had more bottles of cough syrup than I care to mention; and he was on antibiotics three times between February and April.

When the doctor listened to his chest each of those three times, he said he could hear him wheezing and all the phlegm building up in his lungs.  

This obviously concerns me – but the doctor said not to panic and that he was fine, it was normal for children his age to get coughs, etc. 

LagosDad once mentioned that he thought perhaps V was getting so ill all the time because  he wasn’t breastfed (#*%!).

Anyway, so after his last dose of antibiotics, he got better.  His temperature went back to normal, he chucked-up most of the phlegm and he went back to nursery.

The strange thing was that V wasn’t coughing any more, but he was still really phlegmy and his nose was still runny.  His breathing wasn’t clear when he slept and he always sounded like he needed to clear his throat.

When it hadn’t stopped after another week, I took him back to the doctor.  The doctor asked me why I had come back when there was clearly nothing wrong with my child.  He said his lungs were clear and that it might just be an allergy or something.  He told me to give him Clarityne for five nights.

It didn’t work.  

So I continued with cough syrup.  

It didn’t work.

Many people offered me lots of different advice – Vicks, air purifiers, home remedies, all sorts. 

Before I got the chance to test any of them, he was fine.

Just like that.  Practically over night.  Maybe in even less time.

And I realised…

It cleared up after the dog was shaved.

Poor Rolo.  He looks like a little rat when he’s shaved – and it’s usually done every six months.  

Now he’s destined to look like a rat all the time!

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