He Speaks!

I worried and I worried – for quite some time about Vinay not speaking.

Mil would ask me every day (EVERY. DAY.), ‘Is he saying anything?’ My mother would say, ‘Maybe there’s something wrong.  Maybe you should take him to a doctor?’

I shrugged them both off – telling them he’d speak when he was ready.  But inside, I was actually worried.  

I read somewhere that between 18 and 24 months toddlers learn about 20 words a day.  I jumped to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with my child, because he could only say about 10 words at 20 – 21 months.

Someone on Twitter kindly pointed out to me (making me feel a bit thick) that I hadn’t taken into account all the words that he understood.

Oh yes!  He understands EVERYTHING.

I am pleased to report, though, that Vinay (at 22 months) is now talking!  

mama, papa, nani (maternal grandmother), nana (maternal grandfather), dada (paternal grandfather), dadi (paternal grandmother), mamo (mother’s brother), uncle, aunty, ball, bus, Rolo, meow (cat), come, cup, tea, row row row (boat), poo poo, more, tanker, yaya (nanny), car, hi, bye bye, under, me

and a few others as well!

I’m so pleased 🙂

3 thoughts on “He Speaks!

  1. That is fantastic! While he hasn’t been saying much, he’s been taking it all in; watching, listening and waiting. You watch now because there’ll be no stopping hiM!

  2. Hurrah!! Well done V!! I bet they will all come rushing out now and yor Mil will goong her next question ;)Z says about 10 words in total, he’s been slow on the words from but jut makes it up babble style!

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