A Project 366 Re-think

So it seems that the time has come for me to admit to something…

I’m disappointed in myself, but I won’t be taking part in Project 366 any more.

There’s not even a specific reason – apart from disorganisation and forgetfulness on my part.

I actually quite enjoy sharing my pictures – I’ve enjoyed taking part.  But I can’t keep it up.

I figured it was time to stop and re-think when I got to a stage where I suddenly thought, ‘Oh crap! I haven’t taken a picture today! What should I take a picture of?’

I think I’m going to rename my 366 blog and still share photos – but I’ll do it as and when I can…


2 thoughts on “A Project 366 Re-think

  1. Oh gutted! I loved seeing your photos of V playing and developing, but with your new business venture it’s just not practical is it?

  2. Sorry – I really thought I could keep it up – but it’s just proving to be impossible! Will still be posting photos – it’ll just not be 366. x

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