Singing Time

This morning we went to playgroup – as we (almost) always do on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We’ve been going for eight months now, and Vinay has really settled in well.  He LOVES it.  He calls it ‘bamba’.  I don’t know what the connection is, but there you go.

He’s become more independent.  He’s quite happy to play on his own.  But only until he sees I’m busy talking to someone.  Then he suddenly needs *all* my attention!

When we first started going, he would sit in my lap during singing time and I’d sing for both of us and move his hands/arms/feet accordingly (depending on the song/action).

After a few months, he still sat in my lap and would do a couple of actions when he felt like it.

Then he started sitting in a small chair, but insisted I sit right behind him and prod him to do the actions (the prodding being my decision).  He usually only ever did it for a second or two of each song though.  

It really irritated me – because at home he does them ALL the time!  

I know he was busy watching the other children, was fascinated by what they were doing and is always learning as well – but it still bugged me!

This morning…

This morning he sat in a chair on his own.

This morning he didn’t call me to sit behind him.

This morning I didn’t have to encourage him to do any actions.

This morning he did all the actions of every song by himself and smiled the whole time.

This morning I looked at my son in amazement.

*proud face*

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