Nursery Visit

Vinay turns two in September. He turns two and will start nursery. *gulps*
We had initially decided that he'd start in April when he was 18-19 months, but then realised he really wasn't ready for it.
On Monday I remembered that we hadn't paid his registration fees yet, and his place was therefore not guaranteed.
I rushed over to the nursery (with him in tow) straight after playgroup to meet the owner.
Again, like the time before, I had a lovely feeling when I walked in. And Vinay couldn't quite believe how much outdoor equipment they had.
I went in to meet the lady, and she was warm and welcoming. She sat me down, V in the next chair and talked me through the calendar, fees (more about that another time), structure of the day, etc.
V had sat quite well, looking around for a while.
The owner asked why we hadn't enrolled him in April as planned. I explained that we didn't think he was ready.
At this point, V had seen something he desperately wanted to go and investigate. But he didn't want to go alone.
So while I was filling out his registration form, he kept saying, 'mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama' over and over and over again. Trying to get my attention.
The lady looked at him and said, 'I think he's ready now!'
And… I think she's right.
When did my baby grow up?

One thought on “Nursery Visit

  1. Oh bless him. I’m ignoring The Boy starting in nursery, I’m really torn. I have a place for him starting in September but I don’t think he’s ready, and more to the point neither am I. Once he starts in nursery/school that’s it until he’s 18. And he’s only just 3. For The Boy, I’m not sure that him going to state nursery will provide anything that I can’t give him through the playgroups, activity sessions and private nursery sessions he goes to.

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