Well here’s a post I never thought I’d write…  But it’s become clear that I need help!  You see…  Since V was born, I’ve been having trouble with, well…  My pants!

Pre-baby, there was no problem – my knicker drawer consisted of mini, bikini, thong type under-garments (of course there were the granny pants too).  I had a separate drawer for matching bra and undies sets – some sexy, some practical, some girly and flowery.  All good, yes?  I thought so, anyway.

Post-baby – and it’s all gone tits-up (no pun intended).  My bras don’t fit anymore – I’ve gone up five, yes, FIVE cup sizes.  So I’ve packed them all away, hoping that one day (soon) they will fit again.

But the *real* problem isn’t the bras (although it is a problem) – it’s the pants.  I can’t wear *any* of them!  I wore low-rise undies up until V was born.  Very comfy, no crack on show when I leaned over – I had no issues.  But now, I just can’t wear them anymore 😦

I had a c-section and the elastic from my bikini/mini pants sit right where my scar is.  It’s been over a year – but it still itches and I still have the odd twinge now and then.  Anyone else have the same problem?  

So I resigned myself to wearing those awful (to look at, but so comfortable) full-brief type pants.  Then I discovered midis (and back in my original size 12).  Also comfortable, but they don’t exactly make one feel terribly ‘womanly’.  Sometimes I wear the M&S Shapewear undies – again, not very attractive.  Ask Hub – he’ll tell you!

Now, while these undies are all very comfortable, I find that they make me look *much* more hippy than I am.  I put them on and I suddenly have these bulges!

So what’s the solution?  Stay in my midis, be comfortable and a bit ‘hippy’?  Oh, and unattractive.  Or go back to my minis/bikinis/thongs and be uncomfortable and itchy?  Oh, and still unattractive?  

I’m still trying to get rid of this tummy!

Advice?  Anyone?




5 thoughts on “Oh…. PANTS!

  1. Oh, I know this one so well! I used to be a thong woman, then I got fatter and pregnant and now I’m a bikini woman but they look disgusting. No solution is good for me!

  2. I gave up any hopes a few years ago of wearing any nice knickers. In fairness, I did buy a few nice lace jobbies, but I always go back to my maternity pants! Thongs actually, but they’re just so comfy!!

  3. My knicker drawer is shameful. I’d be embarrassed if anyone looked through it. I used to pride myself on my matching undies. These days there appear to be more comfortable pants and bras that go with anything…the shame. I think I should invest some money and start again – but that would take 100s of pounds wouldn’t it? Good luck. I wear bikini or shorts.

  4. Oh I can so relate to this. I had a c-section too and mine still twinges. AND I am still wearing big granny pants. I know I need to do something about it – maybe midis are a good go between for the time being? My sexy knickers are about to pack up and leave home! Whats a girl to do!

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