Does It Really Matter?

I registered on Twitter a few years ago, but didn’t use it very much.  I logged in now and then and interacted with a few people, but didn’t really see the point of it.

I stopped using it for about eighteen months.  During that time I got pregnant and had Vinay and have only just re-discovered it earlier this year.

I really wish I’d found some of the friends I have now during that time.  I’m sure my pregnancy and Vinay’s birth might have been a very different experience.

Twitter and blogging have offered me a solace of sorts.  They’ve offered a supportive community and I’m happy that I’ve made some good friends. 

Having said that, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve begun to feel a little disillusioned with it all.  I’m a ‘newbie’.  I’ve been blogging for about five months and still, I know, have a lot to learn.  But tweets I’ve seen and some posts I’ve read have made me wonder about a few things…

Mummy?  Blogger?  Mummy blogger?  Parent blogger?  Write reviews?  Don’t like to read reviews?  Blagger?  PR?  Really?  Does it *really* matter?

What’s the point of complaining about people using blogging prompts, bloghops and memes too much?  If they’re there and they’re relevant, why *not* use them?

Check your stats?  Once a day?  Once a week?  Once a month?  Never?  Great!  Want to know where you rank in Tots100 or Wikio?  Good for you!  Stats and rankings matter to some people.  Some bloggers want to know how they work.  What’s wrong with that? 

And while I’m at it…

Should some be telling others how or what to tweet or blog about? 

Does it matter if people retweet their #ff every Friday? 

Does it matter if people want to check their unfollowers? 

Does it matter if people use Triberr?

Shouldn’t people be allowed to do these things without being ridiculed, belittled and embarrassed?

There’s always the option of unfollowing, blocking and not reading!

We’re all adults.  We’re all different and we all have our own opinions.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with expressing them.  It’s natural and healthy to not agree with everyone’s opinions.  But don’t we need to think about how we’re expressing ourselves?  Healthy discussion/debate – perfect.  Trolling and being nasty – unacceptable.

People have a choice in everything they do.  Regardless of whether their choices are seen as wrong or right, boring or irritating, or even bordering on ridiculous – they are still *their* choices.  As long as they’re comfortable and happy doing what they do, who cares?

Leave them be.

Don’t judge.

Each to his own.

But that’s just my opinion.

9 thoughts on “Does It Really Matter?

  1. Couldn’t agree more wit everything you have written!! It’s a shame that twitter and blogging gets like this from time to time – live and let live really there is room for everyone and every type of blog and blogger isn’t there? Xx

  2. Spot on post!! I can’t stand all this blogging police all over the place. People need to get a grip and back off and let live. It’s such playground mentality. It amazes me that it’s PRs complaining about blagging. Isn’t this their massive target market to get their products and PR "out there?". I reckon it’s probably a cycle of "rules" that the high and mighty feel they need to push out there and will eventually go and sit on their thrones again.

  3. Flipping brilliant post! We all like differen’t things, prefer to do things differently. Let them get on with it I say 🙂

  4. Hurrah! Great post. Totally agree. What’s good for one person, may not be right for another. Who are we to judge? Isn’t PR all about blagging anyway? Getting people talking about your product because you give it for free? I’ve seen well known journalists on twitter berating new small businesses for not giving them press discounts, and basically saying we would write about you more if you did this. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours? Works for some not others. Anyway, hope your husband has picked you up from the park by now!!

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments – I really wasn’t sure if I should even write this post, being a newbie and all 😉 But I’m glad I did! So relieved everyone’s bored of the debate and moved on now!Thank you @TheBoyandMe!

  6. I like the points that you have raised. We all have choices and people should not be telling others what to tweet or blog. We should all do what we like. Thanks for this blog, I believe that you have a good heart.

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