Mix-Tape Monday #1

A new meme! This one was created by Boo and Me, and I knew I had to take part 🙂  

You can read all about what Mix-Tape Monday is and how it was born here.

I love listening to music, and as I mentioned in my Music as Therapy post, I don’t really get much of a chance to listen to what I want to listen to anymore.  For instance, today I listened to Row Your Boat, Old McDonald and Baa Baa Black Sheep fifty million times!  

Apart from not listening to music of my choice, I feel so sad that I’m not really up-to-date with what’s out now and who sings what.  

This week’s theme is: 

‘A song that makes you want to get up and dance’

It sounds so easy – but there are *so* many of them!  I had to really trawl through my iTunes library to choose just one!

It took awhile, but I settled on:

Destiny’s Child: Independent Women

I LOVED Destiny’s Child and this song reminds me of going out clubbing (back in the day) with my sister and two cousins.  As soon as this song came on we’d rush to do the dance floor!  I think there may have been a few nights when I actually refused to go home until they played it!

Love it!

Boo and Me



8 thoughts on “Mix-Tape Monday #1

  1. This was the club anthem for women scorned for ages! I’ve got some great girly memories of jumping around to this in previous lifetime!

  2. Love this song and no matter what I look like when it comes on I always feel instantly more womanly shaking my thing with Beyonce.

  3. Would always grab my friends and run to the dance floor when this song would come on in the club! Great choice!

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