Vins is going through a stage where a plaster is the solution to every injury. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bump or a scrape or anything. It doesn’t matter if we can see any blood or not. They seem to have some sort of magical healing powers that I don’t know about!

Last Sunday he had an accident on the trampoline. He and a friend were jumping on it together, and they collided. Her head went into his face and chaos ensued.

His bruise came up immediately.








And the next day, it looked worse.








Later that day (Monday) he came to me, rubbing his eye, and said, “Mama, my eye is really hurting. Should I get a plaster?”

I looked at him and said, “What’s hurting you?”

He replied, “My eye, mama! It’s hurting. I think I need a plaster.”

I said, “Vins, which part of your eye is hurting?”

(Are you confused yet? It was a bizarre conversation. All will be revealed soon!)

He got a bit exasperated and said, “Mama! My bruise! My bruise is hurting! I need a plaster. Should I go get one?”

I just stared at him for a few seconds and said, “Vins, you’re rubbing the wrong eye. Your bruise is on the other eye!”

He looked a bit sheepish and said, “Oh. I don’t need a plaster then.”



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