Erm… Okaaay…(?!)

You know when you wake up in the morning, sometimes you just want to be alone?  You want to be alone and think about the day ahead.  Or wish you were still in bed.  Or whatever..?

You know, right?

I’m kind of grumpy in the mornings.  Especially if I don’t get enough sleep.  And I NEVER get enough sleep.

So having that quiet time first thing is important to me.

Unfortunately, I never have it anymore!

V comes into my room every morning – slamming the door against the wall.  If I’m in the bathroom he just walks in and starts talking.  He talks and talks and just doesn’t stop.  If the bathroom door is locked, he stands outside knocking and saying ‘Mama’ over and over and over again.

Usually, by the time he comes in I’m dressed and brushing my teeth.

I was a little slower than usual this morning.

He slammed into the bathroom while I was taking off my pyjamas.  His eyes lit up and he started walking towards me with outstretched hands.

I saw what he was about to do.

Me: V, stop that.

V: No, mama.  I want to touch your boobs.

Me: No V.

I have to admit here – that I’ve let him touch me once or twice before – just to satisfy his curiousity and get it out of his system.

V: But mama – I want to touch your boobs!

Me: I said, No!

V (starts crying): But I have no boobs to touch!  No mama!  Don’t put that (referring to my bra)!

*Jesus, Mary and Joseph*

Me: V – come on, we’re getting late for school.  Let’s go.

V (still crying): But I want to touch your boobs!

Me: I said, No!

He stormed out.  Still screaming.

This is what he chooses to tantrum about?


He refused to speak to me the whole way to nursery, but seemed to have forgotten about it by the time I picked him up.

Are all toddlers fascinated with breasts?

Is it because I didn’t breastfeed him? (I know that’s what “certain” people would say if they knew about this.)

4 thoughts on “Erm… Okaaay…(?!)

  1. hahahaha I’m still laughing at this, it’s so cute! I guess he is just curious. S has found his “noonie” and so now every nappy change we have a grab and pull situation. He had nappy off time this morning and he actually sat down with one of his crayons attempting to colour it?! Boys!!

  2. Hehe yes I think all toddlers are fascinated by boobs – boobles, Lily calls them. She’s always fiddling with mine, especially if she comes in to our bed in the morning, and they are there staring her in the face – slap, slap, slap, poke and prod!

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