A Depressing Thought…

A few days ago, I had a depressing thought.  And it’s been playing on my mind since then…

There are so many customs and traditions that need to be followed (in our religion and within our community) whenever someone gets engaged, married, pregnant, for the baby’s naming ceremony and even when someone passes away.

When I got engaged, there were a number of things my parents had to send to LagosDad’s parents and grandmother, etc.  And vice versa.  It was the same (but more complicated) when we got married.

It was different for my parents when my brother got engaged and married because they were then the groom’s parents instead of the bride’s.

It’s complicated.  Who helped my mum in deciding over all this?  HER mum.  My grandmother and other elders in the family, as well as some of her friends who had been in the same position.

So I was thinking about what would happen when Vinay got married (not that *any* girl would be good enough for him, of course. JOKE!)).  And I immediately thought, ‘Oh well – mum will know what to do.’

And that’s when I realised, if Vinay is about thirty years old when he gets married, my parents would be in their nineties.  My parents probably won’t be “here” when Vinay gets married.  They won’t see their first grandchild get married and he won’t receive his grandparents’ blessings.

The more I think about it, the more depressed I become…


2 thoughts on “A Depressing Thought…

  1. It’s something that’s crossed my mind too. My mil is 76 right now and I was imagining his wedding the other day, then realised how many people won’t be there. Don’t think about it! Unfortunately that is the way of life and between nowAnd the inevitable just fill them with amazing memories. If we thought like that every day we’d probably lose the will to live altogether.

  2. I’m with you on that one. I kick mself for waiting until my early thirties to have a baby, especially as my dad has had two bouts of cancer in the past few years. Crap isn’t it?

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