Banyan Tree Al Wadi

When Hub and I booked our flights for Dubai, we talked about going away for a day or two.  But couldn’t decide on where to go.  We thought about Abu Dhabi and other places that would be close-by, but didn’t confirm (or even look into) anything.

Just before New Year, we met with some friends for dinner and one of the couples said that they’d gone to Banyan Tree Al Wadi for two nights and we should look into it.  I checked out the website and was sold.  THIS is where we were going!

Booking through the website was too expensive and we ended up getting a better deal on

The drive from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah took a couple of hours and we made it on time for our 3pm check-in.  The lobby was quiet.  It was decorated in a subtle, but elegant way.  You can walk to move around the resort or, as most people did, use a buggy.  Wherever you are, you can ask a member of staff to call you a buggy.  They show up in 5 – 10 minutes and take you wherever you need to go.

This was our villa…  It was truly stunning and I wish I could live there all the time!  They even had complimentary wi-fi 🙂



As you open the front door, there’s a door directly in front of you, to your right and one to the left.


Directly in front is the dressing room.



To the left is the bathroom.  The bathroom is AMAZING!



We had His n’ Her basins.  And we each had a little pouch and a bottle of water by our basin.



Here are the contents!


I should tell you that the male pouch did *not* have the detergent or the sewing kit in it!  And Hub was jealous that I had a loofah in mine!


The door on the right led to the bedroom.



Which led to the sitting/TV area…



Which led out to our private (heated) swimming pool!



This is the chandelier hanging right above our bed…



And Hub was very excited to see a box on the desk containing stationery!


It really was just fantastic!

We received a complimentary hour-long session of hydrotherapy at what they call ‘The Rainforest’.  You can read more about it here.


That evening, a sand turtle (not a real one) was left on our bed to help raise awareness and to help protect them ($2 was added to the bill for each night we were there to do this).


We brought it home for Vinay.

The next day (Friday) (after a Thai dinner at Saffron the night before and a HUGE breakfast at Al Waha), we decided to get the shuttle to go to the Banyan Tree Beach Club.  It is a 35 minute drive away and then a five minute boat journey.



And the next morning (Saturday) we had to check-out by 12pm 😦

IF you decide to go there, here are a few pointers…

During the day, you can pretty much wear anything.  But at night you have to be a little dressier (while still respecting the culture).  No jeans, shorts or flip-flops allowed in any of the restaurants for dinner!

Take a shawl, jacket, cardigan or something else to keep you warm.  It is FREEZING at night (and I forgot my shawl in Dubai).

Take your BB/iPhone/phone charger (I forgot mine in Dubai).

Take your iPad or laptop (I forgot mine in Dubai).

Take sun-block (I forgot mine in Lagos).

It was a wonderful weekend away (Weekends are Thursday – Saturday here) and I hope we can go back again one day…


8 thoughts on “Banyan Tree Al Wadi

  1. This place looks amazing! Top luxury! It seems you had the beach to yourselves. Is that true?I also love the way you displayed the great pictures you took- it’s a great taster review of the place. Based on this review I would certainly consider going there.

  2. It was absolutely fantastic. And no, I didn’t want to leave 😦 We didn’t have the beach to ourselves, it was just a particularly quiet day!Thank you all for your comments!x

  3. Wow, that sounds fabulous! Love the look of both the bath and the pool! Thanks for sharing with us at Loveallblogs! Emma 🙂

  4. That hotel looks AMAZING! Private heating swimming pool – and check out that chandlier above the bed – one word to describe all that – WOW!

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