The Gallery – My Awesome Photo

The theme for The Gallery this week is: My Awesome Photo

The photo I decided on isn’t one that I took myself, and it’s not the of the best quality either (nothing a bit of editing wouldn’t fix) – but it’s a very special picture.


The picture is of me, my sister and our mum.  I can’t remember which year it was taken in – but it was before 1984 because my brother wasn’t born yet.  It was taken in the garden of our house (in which I still live).

My parents have recently left London and moved to Dubai.  It’s the first time in a few years that they will have a permanent base.  A new home.  They won’t have to flit between the UK and India anymore.  It’s a new start; and while exciting, it’s been stressful for them.  

If I had the opportunity to turn my awesome photo into a giant canvas, this is the one I’d choose.

And I’d give it to my parents for their new home.

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7 thoughts on “The Gallery – My Awesome Photo

  1. You and Your parents will love Dubai!. Always sunny, lots of great resturants, multicultural people, great malls for shopping, and LOTS of fellow Indians to mix and mingle with!.Hope they get to live in the Marina or near the Burj- you and your son will truly enjoy each visit there!

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