It’s Nearly Sunday

It’s nearly Sunday.  It’s nearly Sunday and I don’t know if I should be excited or sick with nerves…

On Sunday I am going to London.  I am going to London for a week and leaving my fifteen month old baby with his dad and the nanny.

I *know* I have nothing to worry about – Hub will take him to playgroup two mornings in the week (hooray Hubby) and I’ve arranged for him to spend the afternoons with a friend and her son.  

I *know* he’ll be absolutely fine…  Right?

So why am I going?

1. My parents have moved to Dubai and my sister is joining them in a couple of weeks.  They’re giving up their flat, which means I have to go clear all my crap out of there!

2. My sister and I have George Michael tickets for the 17th.  Yes, I know it’s been cancelled now.

3. I have bank work to sort out (nope, I don’t believe in doing Internet banking from Nigeria).

These are the *main* reasons I’m going.

I’ve got other stuff planned – eating at my favourite restaurants, dentist appointment, meeting old (and new) friends, shopping and other ‘frivolous’ activities and appointments.  

This will be my last trip to London until June and I know I’m going to have a good time.  

I think I’m also going to be a little lonely.

4 thoughts on “It’s Nearly Sunday

  1. wow its a long way to be homesick for isn’t it? still its only a week and it will fly by and i am sure once you are her you will enjoy yourself xx

  2. You’ll have an amazing time! Go see a last minute show instead. I love the theatre! V will be fine and he can have daddy time 🙂

  3. Thanks guys – I’m kind of feeling ok about it now!I know I could always *not* go – but I want to!Good father and son bonding time :)x

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