20 thoughts on “Silent Sunday #13

  1. I daddy blowing raspberries on him? Burton lives giving and receiving those! I bet your boy was laughing soooo much- its the best sound I think. Really lovely photo xx

  2. Yes – daddy blowing raspberries… RIGHT before bedtime! I was getting a bit annoyed, but then they were both enjoying themselves so much…Thank you all for your comments!

  3. Cute pic – you can almost hear the squeals of glee. Just discovered your blog and have added you to my reader!

  4. I can hear the shrieks of laughter in this snap, it’s gorgeous but I can’t help scout the eye around in search of the painters half job!

  5. Thanks for all your comments, listening to him squeal with laughter really is one of the best sounds!Mari: no painting needed in V’s room!

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