My Top Five Gorgeous Men

Two nights ago we started watching a series called ‘White Collar’.  Anyone seen it?  It’s pretty good – bit of action, bit of comedy, very hot man in it…  Everything a girl could want.  

It started me thinking on other *actor-type* men I’d had a crush on and thought I’d share my Top Five!

5.  Matt Bomer.  He comes in at Number 5 only because he’s the latest crush!


Matt Bomer is in White Collar.  He is (in the show) smart and sexy as hell and has the most mesmerising eyes.


4. And at Number 4…  Wentworth Miller.


He was in Prison Break – remember?  I loved his tattoos – and the fact that he was not just a pretty face.  Apparently he’s become a bit tubby now (but that’s ok, because so have I).  And I think I heard somewhere that he’s gay…  But I’m not checking if it’s true or not.


3. Number 3 is… Rob Lowe.


I have had a huge crush on Rob Lowe ever since I watched ‘About Last Night’ many, *many* moons ago while at school.  He, thankfully, hasn’t lost his looks as he’s become older!


2. Jake Ryan (real name: Michael Schoeffling)


16 Candles.  If you haven’t seen it…  GET IT!  I have watched that movie a trillion times and still watch it!  I developed a crush on Jake Ryan from the first time I watched this movie.  He is just so gorgeous!  He is the man I’ve had a crush on the longest, but I didn’t put him in at Number 1 because I don’t know what he looks like *now*.  And to be honest, I’d like to keep it that way!


1.  And now… MY NUMBER 1 MAN…  George Clooney


I don’t think I need any words.  Sigh.

Your turn now!  Who is in your Top Five?

4 thoughts on “My Top Five Gorgeous Men

  1. I have to say, I do think he should have been higher up on my list. However, I only just discovered him two days ago, so I have to show loyalty to the others :)Thank you for commenting!

  2. Oh, I see. You are fairly new in Matt love. Don’t worry, he will gradually become no. 1 in all of your lists. It happened to me. I first saw Matt 5 years ago in Chuck. He was Bryce Larkin (super spy). After that Traveler, now White Collar. He is a tremendously talented actor, singer and a flawlessly beautiful man. You know, like real life Disney prince. Love, love, love him and White collar. Are you watching season 1?

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