I don’t know about any of you…  But I love shopping.  Well, I used to.  You know, back in the days when clothes fit me properly.  Now I like to shop for shoes and handbags (the only things that will always look good).

I’m well aware that some people hate it.  My sister, is one of those people.  She *hates* it.  She would rather stick pins in her eyes than go shopping.

Women always complain about shopping with the men in their lives.  And men *always* complain about being dragged round the shops when all they want to do is stay at home and play video games or watch football.

I’m lucky.  My husband enjoys shopping!  He actually likes walking around looking for clothes to buy.

BUT he’s the most irritating person to shop with.  You see, with me…  I see, I like, I try (most of the time) and I buy.  That’s it.  There’s no confusion about anything.  

He is another story.

For example, he might decide that he needs a brown belt.  He’ll go into one store and look at the belts.  Then he’ll go into the next store and look at more belts.  On the way to the belts, he’ll pass the sweaters and think about getting one.  Even though a) it’s summer (or hot wherever we are) b) we live in a tropical country c) we’re not planning to go anywhere cold for the rest of the year.  He’ll then go into a few more shops looking at belts.  He will also stop and look at brown shoes.  I don’t know what it is about brown shoes – but he’s got millions of them!

After going from store to store.  He’ll call me (if I’m not with him) and tell me he wants to show me something.  He’ll then take me to *all* the stores he’s just been to, so I can help him decide which belt to buy, explain that he doesn’t need a sweater and that he has brown shoes just like the pair he’s just shown me.

If he’s buying jeans or trousers, he does the same thing.  Except he WAITS for me to get there before trying anything on, which is a complete waste of my time!

Usually when we go shopping together, we part ways after about ten minutes and agree to meet again at a certain time and place.  He has, once or twice, called me ten minutes after I’d left him to ‘please come and see something’.

I just can’t understand it.  He has good taste (when shopping for himself).  I love the way he dresses.  And he was quite capable of shopping by himself when we got married!

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