Weren’t You Just Born?

Weren’t you only just born?

Didn’t I just hold you in my arms for the first time?

Wasn’t I only just in awe of your first smile?

Wasn’t it only yesterday that you had your first taste of baby porridge?

Wasn’t it only yesterday that I felt your first tooth coming through?

And when did you take your first steps?

Wasn’t it yesterday?

It feels like yesterday…

But no.

Seven years ago today, I held you in my arms for the first time and knew that I would love you with all my heart, forever.

Happy birthday, my darling.

Don’t ever change – for anyone. No matter how crazy you make them!

I love you!

Six Going On Sixteen

My Dearest Vins,

I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe that you are six today.


I spent the morning reminiscing about the day you were born and how I felt. My immediate love for you overwhelmed me.

And you know what… it still does.

You never cease to amaze us – with your sensitivity, your intellect, your ever increasing vocabulary, your interest in animals and dinosaurs, your love for books and the iPad and also, with your total brattiness.

I love you Vins.

Happy birthday.


Hey Mickey!

So it’s all over…

I’ve been planning since about March – and this Saturday it came and went.


Oh sorry – I’m talking about V’s Mickey Mouse birthday party.


I bought Mickey ears for everyone to wear (the children weren’t happy about this and hardly any of them wore them!).  I took a pair out for V about two or three weeks ago and started getting him used to wearing them.

V was ready to go downstairs and get the party started!
V was ready to go downstairs and get the party started!

He wore them at the beginning of the party and for family photos (which was a relief).  But then he’d had enough and took them off.  He refused to put them back on AND he had a mini-tantrum each time I gave a pair to a friend of his!  I told him that his friends were bringing him birthday presents, so he had to give them ears.

He was kind of ok about that.

Presents waiting to be opened!
Presents waiting to be opened!

V had one request for this party.  He wanted a horse.  Yes.  A horse.  We went to a party in March and the birthday girl had two horses to take the children for rides.  V didn’t forget about it and he kept asking for one.  And yes.  We organised one for him.

The horse
The horse

He was SO happy!  I can’t even begin to describe the look on his face when he saw it coming through our gate!

The thing is, he didn’t want any of his friends to sit on the horse.  As far as he was concerned, it was his horse.  In his garden.  I suppose that’s logical?  So he sat with almost ALL of them while they went on rides.  After about twenty minutes he’d had enough – but he refused to get down.  He lasted another twenty-five minutes or so and then went on to the next thing.  It may have been the bouncy castle or playing games with the entertainer – I was inside on panic mode, so I have no idea!

It was finally time to cut the cake.  He was thrilled with his Mickey cake.  And he was drooling while looking at all the cupcakes!  Again, I can’t describe the expression on his face while everyone sang Happy Birthday to him and he blew out the candles.  Once he cut the cake, all the children started reaching for the cupcakes.  And V started crying.  He told me to tell them to put all the cupcakes back because they were all for him.  I don’t think he realised that he couldn’t eat 48 cupcakes all by himself!

Cake pops, birthday cake and cupcakes
Cake pops, birthday cake and cupcakes

I told him that if he didn’t share his cupcakes, his friends would take all their presents back home with them.  This worked well.  He calmed down and I got him to come and help me give out the return gifts.

The return gifts
The return gifts

However, just before that – when I told him about sharing the cupcakes, I overheard one of the mums telling someone else that I was really mean and that I didn’t handle the situation properly.

I felt a bit crap about it for awhile.  And I’ve thought about it a lot.  How else could I have handled the situation?  And I came up with: I know my child.  I know what works with him and I do the best I can.

As my friend Rosssa says: “Your kid, your rules.”

We gave out the return gifts and stopped children from taking helium balloons.  Maybe selfish?  But I paid a lot for them and for the helium.  And V and I both love them.  So I won’t apologise for not allowing them to take any home!

The photographer we hired said she’d get our pictures to us in two weeks – so I am eagerly awaiting them.

Meanwhile, my own pictures will just have to do!

Happy 3rd Birthday, V!

My darling V,

Happy Birthday!

You are three now!

Can you believe it?  Where did the last three years go?  I get a shock every time I look at you – because I can’t believe how big you’ve become.

I remember the day you were born as though it were yesterday!

Over the last three years you have made me laugh and you have made me cry.  You have made me very, very cross and you have made me so, so happy.   You have made me feel so proud, that I honestly thought my heart would burst.

You drive me crazy – on a daily basis – but I wouldn’t change you for anything.

I love that you ask ‘Why?’ every three minutes.  I love that you can’t stop talking.  I love that you love to read.   I love that you’re addicted to CBeebies and Disney Junior.  I love that you climb into my lap for hugs and kisses during Barney’s ‘I love you’ song.  I love the ‘monster’ noise you make.  I love that your favourite colours are black and brown – and that you tell me so at least twice a day!  I love that you’re a chocaholic and won’t try any other ice cream apart from chocolate.

I love that you are you.

I always want what’s best for you.  Remember that – every decision Papa and I make is for you.

I love you.




My Hero
My Hero