Worth The Wait!

I’ve got it!  I’ve got it!

Last week I wrote about the mysterious Miu Miu bag that Hub brought back from Dublin and never gave me…  I wouldn’t ask him about it – I decided I’d just play the waiting game!

Late last week I finally cracked and ask him, ‘What are you saving this bag for?  And why have you left it on the landing?’  He told me it was my Valentine’s Day gift, but that I could open it if I wanted.  I wanted to – but decided to wait. (Wonders will never cease)

So this morning he gave it to me!  Hooray!  And it’s gorgeous!


When I carry it, I will most probably remove the strap…


Close up of the clasp


And the back


Now all I have to do is figure out what colour shoes I can wear with it and find somewhere to go!