Hurt My Child And Deal With Me!

There are (identical) twin boys in playgroup – about four or five years old.  They are a *real* handful and it must be very difficult for their mum to manage them, which is why I was reluctant to write this post.  I didn’t want to judge.  You know – putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, not knowing their circumstances, etc.

BUT…  I have to.

Those two boys are a complete and utter nightmare!

They can regularly be seen on the ride-ons bashing into eachother, picking up the ride-ons and throwing them at each other, throwing toys, games and books *everywhere*, being rough and generally causing havoc wherever they are.

A couple of months ago, one of them was playing with the ironing board and iron; and V went up to him to look at what he was doing.  He got pushed over.  I didn’t say anything to anyone.  Vinay wasn’t hurt.

Today one of V’s friends was sitting in a Little Tikes ride-on (and V was in another nearby).  V’s friend wasn’t moving – just sitting there, and out of nowhere BAM! one of the twins had smashed into the front of his car.  Poor child didn’t cry, but was a bit shocked.  I ran over and said, ‘Please be careful!’  The twin’s mum appeared and had words with him (in a different language, I didn’t understand).  He was, meanwhile, eyeing up V in his car.  He was ready to take-off in Vinay’s direction as soon as his mum turned around.  He caught me glaring (I’ve been told I’m very good at giving the evil eye) at him and went off and did something else. 

A little while later, V was walking around (deciding what to do) and (again) out of nowhere one of the little buggers on a ride-on motorcycle was speeding towards him.  He saw me running towards Vinay and stopped *JUST* before he made contact.  His mum was watching.  She said nothing.

People have had words with the mum about the twins’ behaviour.  And they’ve complained to the committee.  It’s all been very ‘hush hush’.  But nothing has been done…  And the mum (as far as I have seen) does not discipline them.

I am not blaming the mum for her children’s behaviour.  It can’t be easy to watch them both at the same time.  Well all know that it’s difficult to watch just one child at all times.  But I just feel that she needs to be a little more…  Pro-active.  Especially when there are much younger children, who can’t necessarily defend themselves, around.

Children have been subjected to being bitten, hit, pushed and generally terrorised by one or both of these boys (I don’t know which one’s which).

And I don’t know about other parents, but I tend to keep Vinay out of their way (which isn’t always possible, of course).

Today was a close-call for Vinay – he could have been quite badly hurt.

It was also a VERY close-call for those little sh*ts, because if V had been hurt – I promise I would not just have a quiet word with the mum or the committee. 

This is not your usual not sharing, toy-snatching behaviour.  

Someone please tell me I’m not over-reacting?