My Baby is Three

Booni, my baby…

I can’t believe you’re not a baby any more, and that you are now three years old! Where has the time gone?

Here’s wishing you a very Happy 3rd Birthday.

There is so much I want for you. And there is so much I want you to do.

BUT – I don’t want you to ever change. Keep being persistent. Keep pushing for what you want. Just remember that hands are for playing and hugging – not for hitting!

Don’t ever lose that glint in your eye. That glint is what makes you “you”.

I love you to the moon and back!

Happy 3rd Birthday, V!

My darling V,

Happy Birthday!

You are three now!

Can you believe it?  Where did the last three years go?  I get a shock every time I look at you – because I can’t believe how big you’ve become.

I remember the day you were born as though it were yesterday!

Over the last three years you have made me laugh and you have made me cry.  You have made me very, very cross and you have made me so, so happy.   You have made me feel so proud, that I honestly thought my heart would burst.

You drive me crazy – on a daily basis – but I wouldn’t change you for anything.

I love that you ask ‘Why?’ every three minutes.  I love that you can’t stop talking.  I love that you love to read.   I love that you’re addicted to CBeebies and Disney Junior.  I love that you climb into my lap for hugs and kisses during Barney’s ‘I love you’ song.  I love the ‘monster’ noise you make.  I love that your favourite colours are black and brown – and that you tell me so at least twice a day!  I love that you’re a chocaholic and won’t try any other ice cream apart from chocolate.

I love that you are you.

I always want what’s best for you.  Remember that – every decision Papa and I make is for you.

I love you.




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