Vins: Mama, what celebrations are there in January?

Me: What do you mean?

Vins: You know there was Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December. Are there any celebrations in January?

Me: Well, there’s new year’s day on January 1st. And another very special day in January. It’s mama and papa’s wedding anniversary. It will be our tenth, so that will be a celebration.

Vins: Oh. OK.

Silence for a few seconds.

Vins: Mama, when it’s yours and papa’s anniversary, can we go for pizza to Pizze Riah for dinner?

Me: Umm… Well… Usually mamas and papas go out by themselves for dinner on their anniversary.

Vins: But why?

Me: So they can spend some time alone together.

Vins: But mama! What about ME?!

Me: Maybe we can go there for lunch the next day, OK?

Vins: OK mama. But you’re still not going anywhere without me!