This afternoon I collected V from school and decided to stop at a nearby supermarket. I pass it every day but have only been in there once. And that was about a year ago.
I wanted to see the range/variety of baby food they had. It wasn’t extensive, but better than my other local store.
V and I picked up a few things for Baby V and we were still looking at other stuff when I decided I needed a basket. There weren’t any around that I could see.
I asked a cashier (in a red uniform) where the baskets were. She waved over her shoulder, indicating that they were near the entrance. Duh. You’d have thought I’d look there!
As I started making my way over, another lady  (also in red, just like the cashier’s uniform) came walking towards us with a basket in her hands.
I thought that was nice of her – she’d heard me talking to the cashier. As she reached me, I made a move to take the basket from her and said, “Thank you so much!”
She looked at me, pulled the basket away and said, “Excuse me?”
And I realised my terrible mistake.
She didn’t work there! And she wasn’t giving me a basket!
I hastily apologised and explained. But she looked at me as though I was something she found on the back of her shoe.
Again. Oops!

Cutting The Line

This afternoon I took Vinay to go get some groceries.

After experiencing Park N’ Shop on a Saturday a few weeks ago, I decided I would try and avoid ALL grocery stores over the weekend as much as possible.

Alas, that was not possible today.  I can’t even blame it on anyone.  It’s only because of my own disorganisation.

Anyway, I whipped round the store as quickly as possible with Vinay sitting in the filthy trolley.  There was no other choice – he either sat in the trolley or got run over by other trolleys.  The place is tiny and cramped – two trolleys can’t fit side by side in the aisles.  Two people can barely fit.

So I got to the till and stood behind (but not directly behind as the tills are L-shaped) the person paying.  Another (Indian) lady turned up with her basket, stood in front of me and started unloading her stuff!

I just looked at her.  I couldn’t believe it.

I said to Vinay (loudly), ‘Oh, I’m sure we were next in line.’  With a tiny hint of sarcasm, of course.

She looked at me, smiled and said, ‘I only have a couple of things, do you mind?’

I replied, ‘Well, since you’re already standing there there’s not really much I can do.’

She huffed and turned her attention back to her basket.

At that moment, one of the guys that work there took me over to another till, I paid and was out before she had finished.  Hah!

So – should I have just stayed quiet?  

She was older than me, but by no means elderly.  She is what I would classify as an ‘aunty’ – anyone your parents age is called ‘aunty’ and ‘uncle’.  But I didn’t know her.  Should I have been more respectful?

If I had known her, would I have said anything?  Probably not.  Most of you would think that if she knew me she wouldn’t cut in front of me.  But – I’ve experienced ‘aunties’ just standing in front of you in the line to pay.  Why?  Because they can.  And they know you can’t do or say a damn thing about it.  They’re friends of your parents or your in-laws.  They talk and spread gossip and they KNOW you can’t do anything!

What would you have done?