Hairdresser Dilemma

I’ve been meaning to try out a new hairdresser.

I need to have my roots/highlights done quite desperately, but don’t really want to go back to my usual place.  There are many reasons, but I’ve also never been totally happy with the end result.

I thought about waiting until I get to Dubai, but then wondered if I really want to spend three hours sitting in the hairdresser, when I could spend it in the mall…

Anyway, so many people have talked about this lady – I’ll call her….  I’ll call her Tina.  She’s meant to be AMAZING at highlights and colour.  I do always feel a twinge of envy when I look at my friend’s hair.  Also, she’s cheaper than my usual hairdresser.  So I thought I’d try her out.

I asked someone for her number.  She gave me the salon number and Tina’s mobile number.  I decided to call the salon – if she wasn’t in how would she be able to take an appointment, etc.

A Lebanese man answered the phone and this is what transpired…

Me: Hi!  I’d like to make an appointment with Tina for colour and highlights, please.

Him: Madam, you don’t make appointments with Tina, you make them with me.

Me: Ok – sorry.

Him: Tina works for me.

Me: Okaaay.

Him: You must be Indian if you’re asking for Tina.


I’m thinking that all the Indians want Tina to do their highlights because she’s good at it, and he’s a bit peeved?

Me: Yes, I am.

Him: That’s why you’re asking for her.  Who gave you this number?

Me: *gives name (of non-Indian) friend*

Him: Who?

Me: *says name again*

Split second of silence

Him: You are welcome, madam

And then he went on to take the appointment.

WTF was all that about?  What a complete twat!

Please correct me if I’m wrong – but when you call a spa or a salon or somewhere for an appointment, if you want a particular person to do your treatment, don’t you make that known?

What crawled up this guy’s backside?  And how long is it going to be stuck there for?

Did he get all twitchy because the lady that works for him is better at doing highlights than him?

When I go there on Tuesday is HE going to do my hair?  Or will he let Tina do it?  And if he does it – is he going to fuck it up on purpose?

Maybe I should cancel my appointment and go back to my usual place?

Excuse Me, Mr Salon Owner…?

Dear Mr. Hairdresser and Salon Owner,

I have been coming to your salon for many years and I am very happy with how you (YOU) or your other Lebanese hairdresser man blow-dry my hair.  I am also happy that you have renovated your salon and that it looks much nicer than before.

Unfortunately, there are things that I am not happy about.  Please find the list below.

I am not happy that you have increased your prices from N2500 to N4000.  But anyway – I can deal with that.

I am not happy that I (usually) always have to wait at least 40 minutes for my hair to be done (even though I wash my hair before I come).  But anyway, since you don’t take appointments – I can deal with that.

I am a mother.  I loooove to show people pictures of my baby.  But I’ll only show them if they ask!  I am not happy when you put your phone onto slideshow mode to show me every single picture of your child. More so if you are not going to ask to see my photos!

And while we’re on the topic of our children – please don’t tell me that the mats I have in my car are unhealthy for my baby.  Or that I have the wrong kind of sun shade.  Or that I shouldn’t use x, y or z product.  I will decide – thank you.

I am not happy that all your staff (hair washing girls and girls that do weaves, extensions, etc) have conversations by shouting at each other across the salon.  It is too noisy and irritating.

I am not happy when you are all busy and you think it will be ok for one of the girls to do my blow-dry.  Ask me first.  (I know I should say… 😦 )

I am not happy when I see that girl who is about to do my hair has been eating plantain chips and she comes to do my hair without washing her hands first (I did tell her to go wash her hands).

I am not happy when said girl pulls my hair, rips it out of my scalp, burns my ears, knocks me (repeatedly) in the head with the hairbrush and the back of the hairdryer and actually, really doesn’t know how to do my hair properly.  And then expects a tip.

I am MOST unhappy when you then ask me to still pay N4000 even though it was not YOU or your other Lebanese man that did my hair!

I am not happy because going to the salon is meant to be relaxing.  And it really isn’t anymore.

Please spend some time training your staff and learning about good customer service. 

That is all.