We are weaning Baby V at the moment.

He is loving his meals – whether fresh or out of a jar – and always wants more. Fruit, veg, meat, fish, whatever – he wants more.

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I think this is a good thing. But I’m a bit confused…

I’m tempted to feed him until he doesn’t want any more. I think it’s a good thing to load him up so that he’s full and doesn’t wake at night. No? But, if he eats so much he won’t finish his milk. And then doesn’t take in the recommended daily 600 – 700 ml.


What do I do?

Giving Up The Bottle

My tutoring session last Wednesday was cancelled and V has no more cooking classes until January, so I decided to take him to buy a new water bottle and his special cup for when he “gives up the bottle”.

The first store we went to was the place to get his new water bottle.  On the same display as the water bottles, were the pacifiers.  This was a problem.  He spent ten minutes choosing his new bottle and then a further five minutes trying to persuade me to buy him a pacifier.

When he realised his tactics weren’t working, he started crying.  He cried and cried.  All the way to the second place we were going to.

When we reached the second shop and he realised a) I wasn’t going to give in and b) He was going to have to wait in the car if he kept crying, he stopped.  He stopped his tantrum so suddenly, I wondered if the whole episode had actually happened!  All he said was, ‘When I become a baby you buy me a chupa, ok?’  I agreed.

He chose his cup.  A very boring green cup.  I’m still trying to work out why he didn’t want the teddy bear or cow shaped mugs.  Oh well, at least he saved me some money!

We got home and I asked him when he was going to throw his bottles away.  He stopped for a minute and said, ‘On Monday.’  I asked him why on Monday?  Why not right away?  He responded, ‘Mama, see.  Today is Wednesday.  I can only throw bottles on Mondays.’

Hmmm… Delaying tactics me thinks.

I brought it up a couple more times during the next few days – but never got a response or a reaction until…

On Saturday morning, V came into our room and said: Mama, Santa is coming today.

Me (confused): Oh?  Is he?  But it’s not Christmas Day today.

V: Mama, Santa is coming today and he’s going to take aaaall my bottles away.  And he’s going to leave me a present.  But he will only leave me one present because it’s not Christmas Day yet.

Me: Oh!  Ok!  Lucky you!  Santa’s coming!

And he turned and left.  Where did all this come from?

He was at his grandmother’s that whole afternoon, so I was able to gather all his bottles.  I found a whole lot of new ones still in boxes (don’t ask) and I shoved everything in a cupboard.  I wrapped a gift from the toy cupboard (in Christmas paper) and hid it.

He didn’t even ask for milk before he went to bed.  This was very unusual – but I didn’t say anything.  I just wanted to see what would happen.

He woke in the night and when reminded about the bottles/Santa, he had water and went back to sleep.  At 5am he woke again and was not happy.  Until he saw the present Santa left him!  He had water and went back to sleep.

He was very excited on Sunday morning.  He opened his gift and I read him the accompanying letter.

IMG_20131130_153358He hasn’t been very well since yesterday afternoon (cough, cold, high temperature) and hasn’t asked for any milk at all.  He knows that when he drinks milk when he has a cough, he usually throws up.

He’s still unwell – so I don’t know what will happen once he’s feeling better, but I’m so proud of him.  I can’t believe he’s just…  Done it.

I really should have higher expectations.


Growing Up

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve caught myself looking at V and thinking, ‘Why does he look so grown up all of a sudden?’ and ‘When did he get so big?’

There are a number of things that have happened over the last couple of months that make him appear more grown up.

1. No more pacifier.  *sigh of relief*

2. We had our first trip to the doctor AND for a haircut (on the same day) and there was no screaming or crying (not even one tear) at either appointment.  It’s amazing what the promise of chocolate milk can do, isn’t it?

3. We went swimming twice last week and he got into the pool very happily without making any fuss.  And it was our first time in four or five months, so I was expecting fussiness!

4. He’s more aware of Christmas and Santa.  Last year he was terrified of Santa (though he still wanted presents).  This year it’s all ‘Santa, Santa, Santa’.  We’ve even written Santa a letter.  He’s singing Christmas songs non-stop as well!

5. He has dropped his afternoon nap.  While I know this means he’s growing up, it also means that I don’t get my afternoon nap any more!

He’s getting big – but there’s one last step he has to take before he reaches ‘bigness’.  And it’s not his fault he has to do it – but mine…

He still drinks formula (SMA Toddler Milk) and he still drinks it out of a bottle.  AND he still wakes in the night for it.  I know, I know *embarrassed face*  I should have stopped it a long time ago.

When we went to Bali last year, we took three tins of SMA with us (as they don’t stock it there).  When we went to Dubai earlier this year, we took the SMA with us (finding it isn’t always easy).  Let’s keep in mind, also, that the SMA in Lagos costs double the price that it does in the UK.

My mum wanted to try and ‘wean him off it’ during our last trip, but I wouldn’t let her.  I didn’t want him to get used to drinking fresh milk and then come back here and have to readjust to UHT.  It just sounds like more of a hassle than it has to be!

Now that we’re leaving again in a couple of weeks, my mum said not to bring any SMA with us and let him just deal.  That sounds a bit mean to me, but I’ve been considering it.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine recently had a baby.  Her first child has just turned three.  She said that before she left London to come back here with the baby, they had a ‘bottle ceremony’.  She explained to her daughter that she was a big girl now and that she was a big sister, and that she had to say goodbye to her bottles, etc.  What did they do?  The little girl threw all her bottles off the balcony (into the garden below) and now drinks regular milk from a regular glass!

I told V all about his friend and what a big girl she was now (even though a couple of months younger than him) and how we will do the same for his bottles.  He looked at me horrified.  Then he crouched down on the ground and said, ‘But mama, see myself.  I’m small!  I need to drink from a bottle.’

So funny.  But so irritating!

I kept bringing it up in conversation, and he kept resisting.

Then one fine day he said, ‘Mama when my milk finishes I’m going to throw my bottles from the balcony and I’m going to drink cow’s milk from a glass.’

EH?  Where did this come from?  I was so excited!

We decided we’d go out and buy a special cup for him to drink his milk from (we haven’t done that yet).

But…  But yesterday he was going through all the cupboards looking for something, and he found a new SMA tin!  He was ever so excited – so now we may have to wait for that to finish first!

Santa replied to V’s letter and has told him that he will bring him an airplane, a London bus and a book about birds.  But only when he starts drinking cow’s milk!

Fingers crossed for a smooth transition.