V’s party was about ten days ago.  I am so, so glad it’s over.

But I do have a problem now.

I have no leverage.

In the three weeks leading up to his birthday and then his party, he would do anything I wanted.  ANYTHING.

All I had to say was, ‘I’m going to cancel your party.’  Or, ‘Vinay, I’m going to tell Miss Liz (the party planner) not to bring the horse!’

And he’d do as I asked.

I realise it’s probably not a good idea to use bribes and threats, but he really doesn’t respond to anything else.

Are all toddlers the same?  Or is it just mine?

Anyway, so now I don’t know how to get him to do anything anymore.  He knows his party is over and that it’s not his birthday for a long time.

So now what?