When He Grows Up…

If you have children, you will have hopes and dreams for them.  

You will want them to be happy and healthy.  You will want them to find jobs, be well ‘settled’.  You will want them to be the best that they can be.

I often wonder what kind of job Vinay will have when he grows up.

Will he *have* to join LagosDad in the family business?  Will he work in a bar like LagosDad before joining the business?  Will he be a teacher?  

He is nearly 21 months old now, and judging from his (ever-changing) interests, I think he may grow up to be one (or more) of the following…

1.  A vet.  In a zoo.

2.  A bus driver

3.  A mechanic

4.  A (water or diesel) tanker driver

5.  A bus conductor

6.  Something to do with wheels.  Manufacturing tires, maybe?

7.  A footballer

8.  Something that requires lots of reading

9.  An artist

10. A hairdresser

11. A sign-language teacher

12. A cleaner

13. A horse-rider (though he’s never been on a real one!)

Whatever he chooses to do, I hope he’ll be happy and healthy…

What do you think your child will do when he/she grows up?