Cambridge Weight Plan: Week 2 Weigh-In

I just went to my nearest Cambridge Weight Plan Centre to have myself weighed and my measurements taken.

I told myself I wouldn’t weigh myself at home during the week, but somehow found myself hopping on and off the scales at random moments during the day (and night!). As usual, it was a mistake as the scales never wavered.

Anyway, so I went in and weighed myself.

Last week I lost 1.7 kilos. I was disappointed. BUT, when I thought about it again, I realised I’d lost 5 kilos over the last two weeks. That’s better!

So measurements and weight loss over the last two weeks:

Kilos lost: 5 kilos

Inches lost from:

Waist: 4.8 inches

Hips: 2 inches

Chest: 1 inch

Arms: None

Thighs: None

I was thoroughly pleased with myself. However, I was also a little surprised that nothing had come off my thighs. I can tell from the way my trousers and shorts fit that something must have come off. So I decided to measure them myself once I got home.

According to my own measurements, I’ve lost 2.5 inches from each thigh. Because of that, I thought I’d better do all the measurements myself!

So here they are…

Waist: 4.8 inches

Hips: 4 inches

Chest: 2.5 inches

Arms: None

Thighs: 2.5 inches (each thigh)

I wonder if I’ve done it incorrectly… Oh well – I’m going with it!

I think this will be my last week. I can’t hack the no eating thing any more. And… I kind of miss exercising (shock, horror).

Onwards and upwards!



I’ve been quite focused on exercising over the last month.  

I’ve made an effort to try and workout at least three to four times a week, and it feels good! I’ve even managed to fit into one or two pre-pregnancy dresses!

I have to admit though, that Davina’s Body Buff DVD is getting a little irritating now, so I’ve ordered a couple of different ones to do.

Anyway, so I took my measurements on June 4th and have been putting off taking them again.  But I finally did it this morning.  I didn’t want to – because I fell off the wagon last Thursday and have been binge eating for four days – chocolate, coke, pizza, cake, etc. *ashamed face*

Anyway, so… 

I’ve lost 1.5 inches off each thigh, 1.5 inches off my hips, 1.5 inches off my waist and 0.5 inches from around my neck.


Go ME!