An Official Mid-Term Progress Report

Vinay got his very first mid-term progress report from nursery.  It’s very simple – just a check-list with a space for a comment at the bottom.  Apparently his December report will be more detailed.

Here’s what it says.

Number Skills – Needs Improvement

Language & Literacy Skills – Good

Social Skills – Good

Art & Craft – Good

Fine Motor Skills – Needs Improvement

Gross Motor Skills – Good

Comment: Vinay is very well settled in class. He displays great enthusiasm and initiative in all his class activities.

So here are my thoughts…

1. Awww – my baby has a report card!

2. WTF? His number skills need improving?  What should I start doing with him at home?  Is it because he mixes up four and five when he counts?  Is it because he’s only *just* learnt to count to 10?  Is it because he can’t count to 10 reliably?

3. There must be something wrong with me – the child is only two.  Obviously his number skills need improving.

4. Oh – his language and literacy skills are good!  That’s excellent, considering not many people can understand what he says most of the time.

5. I’m going to Google ‘Improving Fine Motor Skills for Toddlers’ and start doing some activities over half-term.  Maybe he should do more colouring and/or painting at home?

6. Jesus, I really don’t want to be one of *those* parents.

7. We’re going to do lots of counting over half-term.

8. If his numercy skills don’t improve, LagosDad is going to say he takes after me.

9. Should I make an appointment to see his teacher to discuss what we can do at home to help him?

10. Get a grip, woman!  The child is TWO!

Any thoughts?