Prawns and their Balls

I had a giggle today because I remembered a funny story about my brother.  He’s done and said very many ridiculous things over the years and I will share some of them – but I had to start with this…

When he was about 8 years old (he’s 6 years younger than me) we went to Hong Kong on a family holiday.  We all had a great time (from what I can remember).  We ate out all the time, went to Ocean Park and a whole load of shopping malls.

One night we went to a restaurant, Jumbo.  It’s a restaurant that floats in the Aberdeen Harbour. 


We all ate well and enjoyed our meal.  My brother particularly enjoyed the prawn balls and ate many of them. 


After dinner was finished, we walked around all the tanks of fish and other sea creatures (it was one of those restaurants where you can choose the fish or lobster you want).  We came to the tank of prawns and my mum said to my brother, ‘Look…  Those are prawns.’  He looked at them for a second and said in amazement, ‘Those are prawns?  How come they’re so small and their balls are so big!’

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