Floopsies (Children Say the Funniest Things)

This is another one the ‘Children Say the Funniest Things’ that I had written in my log.  I hope you find it as funny as I did/do!

Three of the children were sitting together at a table.  The first child looked out of the window and said, ‘God’s crying again’.  (It was raining).

Child number two said, ‘Yep!  It’s the third time he’s crying today, isn’t it?’

The third child looked up from her work, looked out the window and said, ‘Yes, but you know when there’s thunder it’s God’s floopsies (farts)!  At least there’s no poo falling from the sky!’

Of course all three of them collapsed with laughter.  And I wanted to also – but I just had to stop them!

Children Say the Funniest Things

I am *howling* with laughter! I just found (on my laptop) a kind of log that i kept during my first year teaching in Lagos (after teaching in London for 4 years). It’s just about the funny things my kids in class said- and I just have to share some of them!

The children were 5-6 years old then (and me in my mid-twenties).
So here’s the first one: 

I took in some games and puzzles for the kids to play with during playtimes. They belonged to me  when i was little and to my sister before that. I showed them to the children and asked them to please be careful as they were mine, etc. One of the boys said, ‘They must be really old!’ I just smiled and said nothing. 

amongst the games there were two wooden puzzles that came without boxes. The same boy asked where the boxes were. I told him they didnt have boxes. He (darling boy that he is/was) said, ‘I guess they didnt make boxes in the olden days…’

I didnt know what to say! There was plenty I wanted to say though!