Feed Me

V is a very fussy eater.

From the time he was six months old, up until he was about eighteen months old, every spoonful of food that went into his mouth had to be dipped in Petits Filous first.  EVERY bite.

Thank God he’s grown out of that now.  I am mostly grateful because each tiny pot of Petits Filous costs about £1!

There are a few things that he will eat happily (even though he still makes some sort of fuss during each meal!).

He will not eat pizza.  He will not eat pasta and he will not eat sandwiches.  He won’t even try them.  He will not eat fruit and he will not eat vegetables.

Therefore, we always have to think twice before choosing where to go for lunch on Sundays.  Usually we will go somewhere where he can have sausages, chicken nuggets or French fries.  And that’s about it.  And thankfully, he will also eat sweetcorn soup and noodles at our favourite Chinese restaurant.

I’ve been told that I don’t give him enough opportunity to eat or try new things (don’t ask – I’m still pissed off about that conversation).  But how am I not giving him the opportunity if he just refuses to put something in his mouth?

Anyway, so as I mentioned, we are very lucky we can take him for Chinese.

Last Sunday I was desperate for Chinese food and convinced LagosDad to take us for lunch.  V was super-excited about having sweetcorn soup (no chicken).

As it was so hot when it arrived, he asked me to feed him.  I helped him out for a little while.  Stirring the soup, blowing on the soup, putting the spoon in his hand when it had cooled down, etc.

Then my food arrived.  And I was starving!

So I said to V: Come on now – you can feed yourself the rest.  It’s not hot anymore.

V: No mama.  It’s still hot.  I want you to feed me.

Me: No V.  You’re a big boy now – you can feed yourself.

V (after a few seconds of silence): No mama.  Look at me.  Can’t you see I’m still a small child?  I’m not a big boy.  You have to feed me.

I just stared at him.  Where does he learn these things?!