We are weaning Baby V at the moment.

He is loving his meals – whether fresh or out of a jar – and always wants more. Fruit, veg, meat, fish, whatever – he wants more.

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I think this is a good thing. But I’m a bit confused…

I’m tempted to feed him until he doesn’t want any more. I think it’s a good thing to load him up so that he’s full and doesn’t wake at night. No? But, if he eats so much he won’t finish his milk. And then doesn’t take in the recommended daily 600 – 700 ml.


What do I do?

He Ate It?!

If you follow me on Twitter I’m sure you have read a whole lot of tweets from me about what a fussy eater V is.

He won’t eat food that look strange to him.  He won’t eat foods that have certain textures.  Sometimes he won’t eat the food he usually loves.  Not uncommon for a toddler, I know.

But what irritates me is that he won’t try anything new!  He may get all excited about the prospect.  He’ll say his usual, ‘nummy nummy’ (yummy yummy), but when it comes down to it, he won’t eat it.

This is why I’m shocked.  Shocked, I tell you.

One of his nursery topics this term is Food.  

When I dropped him off one morning last week, his teacher told me that they were going to make (and eat) sandwiches that day.  I said, ‘Oh that’s great!  I hope he eats it!’  Already knowing that there was no way in hell he was going to eat a sandwich.  Toast, yes.  A sandwich?  No chance.

When I picked V up after school I asked him what he did that day.

He told me he made a sandwich and that he put cucumber and tomatoes inside.  I asked him if he ate it.  He said, ‘Yes.  Mama, nummy!’

I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t believe him.  Vinay? Eat cucumbers and tomatoes? Hahahaha

The next morning I asked his teacher how the sandwich-making went and if Vinay ate his.  She said it went very well and that they not only put cucumbers and tomatoes in, but also cheese.  And yes, Vinay ate it.


How was this possible?

Since that day I’ve asked him if he wants a sandwich.  

‘No mama’.

We can put cucumbers and tomatoes inside?  Like in school?  

‘No mama.’

Do you want to make it yourself?  You can show mama how you did it?  

‘No mama.’

I’m going to be tearing my hair out soon!