Leaving Lagos is not easy at the best of times.  Leaving on Christmas Eve was no different.  At every turn in the airport (five checks between arriving and boarding), there was someone looking for something!

There is a security check before the actual check-in.  The ‘officers’ are meant to do a random bag search.  That is, they are meant to open two out of every four suitcases, or something like that.  After slyly asking Hub for ‘dash’ (and Hub refusing (as he always does)), they proceeded to open *every* single bag, paw through every piece of clothing and ask random, nonsensical questions about everything.  

Anyway, so we tired Vinay out before boarding.  We made him run around as much as possible; and he fell asleep as soon as we boarded.  This was great.  But it also meant he only slept for the first hour of a six and a half hour flight!

He wasn’t too much trouble though – he had to be walked around and wanted to be let loose, and I couldn’t expect him to stay still…  

Oh.  And he wailed at landing.

We reached Doha for our two hour stop-over; and let him loose in the airport.  He was thrilled to run around and got tired quickly.  So, he slept the whole way to Dubai (all of one hour); and there was no crying at landing 🙂

I spent yesterday napping, eating and unpacking.  And Vinay spent the day getting to know his grandparents and ‘maasi’ (mother’s sister) again.  

He was quite jet-lagged so the night was really difficult…

Things to do while we’re here include: 

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Arabia’s Wildlife Centre in Sharjah

Desert Safari

Catch up with friends

Meet new friends

I don’t feel the need to rush and do these all right away since we’re here until mid-January 🙂

Anyone have any must-see or must-do recommendations?