Where I Am…

Ok, so here’s where I am with things…

The first thing I had to do was book-in with my previous ob/gyn.  I booked-in late, but he is squeezing me in.  That was a huge relief!  We still have to pay the extortionate hospital deposit, and I’m hoping that will be done this week.

The second thing I had to do was find an apartment.  I emailed many agents about dozens of flats.  Zoopla is my new favourite website.  I got some leads.  Some didn’t even bother replying.  Finding a short-let during the summer, in central London and in our budget proved to be a bit challenging.  Especially since we were looking for a three bedroom/two bathroom place.

I found one place which was perfect for us (the living area seems a bit small from the pictures, but it will have to do).  The agent and I were in touch for the longest time.  She wanted all sorts of details, which was fine.  And then when we confirmed that we wanted the place, the amount of paperwork we had to produce was ridiculous.  I’m not sure if it’s because we’re overseas, or if that’s what’s usually done.  While this was going on, I was also in touch with another agent regarding a second place.  The price was the same, but it seemed bigger and was in another area which I would have been happy to stay in.  According to the agent, the landlord of that flat wanted to know if we could pay six months’ rent up front.  No.  Well then, did we have a UK guarantor?  Yes.  What was his job/role/company, etc?  Told him.  Did he/she make circa 100,000 GBP/year?  Was this landlord mental?  Could we send them bank statements?  Yes, we could.  In the end I stopped communicating with them.  Not because I didn’t want that flat, but I got so fed up.  If you have a list of questions, can you please send them to me all at once?  Instead of asking me one, waiting for me to answer (all via email) and then sending me another?  Ridiculous.

Anyway, so the first place is confirmed.  The only thing is, there’s no TV, Internet, bedding, tumble dryer.  We’ll have to organise all this once we get there.  Is it possible to get WiFi without a landline?  And is it the norm to not have all this included?  Or does it just depend on the individual landlord?

The third thing on my list was the nanny’s visa.  She has come to Dubai with us.  And she’s even come to Bali.  When we go to Dubai, the travel agent organises her visa for us and when we went to Bali, she got a visa on arrival.  Getting a UK visa was a whole new ball game for us.  Again, the paperwork we needed was excessive.  The online application was looooong!  And it wasn’t cheap either.  We submitted everything and she had her appointment for her biometrics etc on 7th May.  It took two hours to submit all the paperwork and process everything.  They told her it would take 15 working days.  We waited and waited to hear.  It was after 21 working days that we got the text message that the passport was ready for collection.  And…  She got her visa!  Hurrah!

I’ve also organised all the ‘baby stuff’ I need to take with us.  Baby bottles (new), baby blankets (some new), baby clothes (very few, V’s old ones), etc.  I’ve just shoved it all in an empty cupboard for now.

I’ve ordered all the freight from the UK – Pampers – sizes 3 and 4, new light fittings for the children’s rooms, new bed for V, formula for baby, dog treats (not for baby), toiletries (for baby).

I’ve moved all the furniture round, so that all the baby furniture that was in V’s room is now in the playroom (now the nursery) and so that all the toys that were in the playroom are now all in V’s room.  I’ll probably put the children in the same room eventually, but not just yet.

I’ve peeled all the animal stickers off V’s walls so that LagosDad can have the room painted before we come back.  I thought V would be a little upset to see the stickers go, but he wasn’t.  I guess this is just another sign that he’s growing up!  He actually helped me to peel some of them off.  We worked together and chatted.  I mentioned to him that Papa was going to paint the room before we came back.

A couple of days ago we were talking about leaving and how we all had to pack, etc. and I said something about LagosDad coming with us.  V said, ‘I don’t think Papa should come with us to London.’  Oh?  Poor LagosDad.  He’d be upset to hear that V doesn’t want him around.  I replied, ‘Oh?  But why not?’  V responded, ‘Don’t you remember Mama?  Papa has to paint my room!’

So, we’re nearly there.  We leave in 10 days.  But I haven’t booked flights yet.

I better get on that.


You Give Me Fever

As a mother, and I’m sure you will agree with me, one of the hardest things is when your child is sick.  You can rush to the doctor and you can ask your friends for advice on what to do, but that’s just so much more confusing sometimes!

About ten days ago, Vinay started coughing.  I immediately started on the cough syrup.  I’m a bit paranoid about his coughs after he got a chest infection last year.  

I sent him to nursery on Monday and Tuesday as usual.  As a teacher, I’ve always hated when parents send their kids into school when they’re unwell – but he was in such good spirits and he *wanted* to go.  

On Wednesday I took him to the doctor because the cough hadn’t become any better.  The doc said it was a viral infection and to continue with the cough syrup.  I kept Vinay home on Thursday and Friday.

From 3am on Monday up until 3am on Wednesday, his temperature has gone up to 104 and back to normal several times.  The doctor said it was viral and that I should stay calm and dose him with paracetemol, continue with the cough syrup and give him antibiotics for three days.

I have sighed with relief when his temperature came down to 99, cried with worry when it spiked and done a little jig inside my head when it’s come down again.  

His temperature has been normal for a few hours now; so fingers crossed!

But I’m very confused!

Maybe I should instinctively know these things, but I don’t.  Maybe it just needs common sense…

When V was coughing, the doctor said to be careful of the air conditioning, etc. Fair enough and easily done.

But when has a fever, is he meant to be kept warm?  Or cool?  Should we have turned the air conditioners on or off?  Should he be dressed warmly?  Or just in a vest?

My mother always told me that if his temperature was over 101, I shouldn’t let him sleep until I’ve brought it down to 100 or less.  I’m meant to do this by rubbing brandy on his forehead, navel and soles of his feet, using a cold compress, giving him a cold bath.  But the doctor said that if he wants to sleep, I should let him sleep (and of course I should monitor his temperature).  And if the child is already weak, won’t sticking him in a cold bath make him scream and make him worse?

Thank you to all the people on Twitter who advised me to give alternate doses of paracetemol and Nurofen every four hours, it really helped!  But a friend has just told me that *her* doctor said to give alternate doses every two hours!  Isn’t that too much?  

My mum (again) said that if a child has a cough, don’t give them fried food.  Is it because of the oil?  But what if they won’t eat anything apart from something fried?  Isn’t it better that they eat *something* rather than nothing?

I’m so confused – How do you know when to do what?  Maybe I don’t have that ‘mother’s instinct’?



One Week

It’s been a week since I’ve been online.  And what a week it’s been!

Last Wednesday, Vinay started coughing a little at night – so I gave him Tixylix before bed on Thursday and Friday and he was fine.  He was ok on Saturday during the day, but was coughing a lot during the night.  Again, I gave him Tixylix.  Our generator also stopped working on Saturday morning – but we had power for most of the day and all night – Thank God.

On Sunday morning the power went.  And V had a temperature of 101.  He was a bit cranky – but was, overall, in quite good spirits.  We went to the doctor.  A different doctor (again).  He said to continue with the Calpol and Tixylix and see how he was in 24 hours.  He didn’t want him to start antibiotics straight away.

By 7pm, the power still hadn’t come on AND the inverter died.  So we were in complete darkness with a poorly baby.  We packed up our stuff and headed over to the in-laws’ place for the night.  V was happy to be in the car, happy to see his grandparents and was quite playful.  But, his temperature had not lowered.  

It was way after his bedtime and he was exhausted – but he just wouldn’t sleep.  He spends time over at his grandparents’ flat, but he’s usually in the living room.  He’s not used to the bedrooms and kept staring at the ceiling, the walls and the furniture and crying.  He would stop as soon as I took him into the living room.  I thought about putting him to sleep there and then transferring him.  But it was too noisy – TV, people talking, chairs scraping, dog barking, etc.  I was desperate for everyone to go to their rooms so it would be quiet.  Hub?  He was sitting on the sofa leafing through a copy of Vogue India.  Yes, very helpful.

V wanted to be walked.  He kept crying and pointing at the front door.  So we I took him downstairs for a walk with the dog.  As soon as we went into the building again, he’d start crying.

We made it through the night with coughing, vomiting, crying, a non-lowering temperature and walking.  He was exhausted by morning, but still couldn’t sleep.  However, as soon as we got home, he passed out.

In the afternoon I took him back to the doctor.  His temperature was 102.  He was burning up.  His cough was so much worse and I was worried.  The doctor said he had a respiratory infection and we had to start him on antibiotics.  He said to continue with Calpol, but gave me a different cough syrup (thank goodness, because I hate Tixylix).  He instructed me to alternate the Calpol with Nurofen and said that if his cough wasn’t better in 24 hours, I’d have to take him back to use the nebuliser.

V was listless, tired, weak, cranky and his temperature would still not go down.  He tried standing and almost fell over because he was so weak.  And I wanted to weep.  It went down to 100, then up to 103, down to 99 and then up to 104.  My mum kept telling me to sponge him down, rub brandy on his forehead, feet and navel.  While these are all good things to do, Vinay hated it and just screamed blue murder.  Giving him his medicine was a battle.  All he wanted to do was sleep.  She told me to keep doing it and I had to get his temperature down so that the fever didn’t go to his brain.  I was a total wreck.  Should I call the doctor?  Should we just get in the car and go to the doctor again?

Hub was helpful – he helped me give V his medicines and was supportive when I was huddled in bed crying.  He is always ‘the strong one’.  But there was only so much he could do.  Vinay refused to go to him.  He would only stay with me.

The following day, Tuesday, his temperature was still up and down, but was mostly down.  He was eating a little, his cough was a bit better and by the evening, he was in good spirits.

He was fine by Wednesday – though still coughing a bit.  But at night, he didn’t sleep a wink!  He wanted to be walked and woke up every hour for about thirty minutes.  He had a tummy ache.  The doctor had said that Nurofen can give children tummy aches.  But what choice did I have?

Today we’re going to back to the doctor for a quick check-up.  Hopefully everything will be ok.

If you’re a mum and reading, you’ll know exactly how I feel.  Everytime he cried, I wanted to cry.  Everytime I took his temperature, I held my breath.  The relief I felt when I his temperature was normal for a few hours was so immense, I cannot explain it.

I posted a few weeks ago about how I’d turned to mush.  

Apparently nothing’s changed!