Konga Fail

So it seems that I don’t have much luck shopping online over here… Keep reading for a long and ranty post!

We needed a new fridge. LagosDad told me to look online and check out what was available.

I spent a week looking at various options and decided on one particular one, which I found on konga.com. I got LagosDad’s approval. He told me to get Mil and Fil’s approval. I sent them the link. Neither of them replied to my Whatsapp message (no surprise, really). Finally, LagosDad told me to just go ahead and order it.

I ordered and paid and the fridge arrived a week later (through a third party seller – RCT). I was in school at the time, but LagosDad messaged to say that it was really small and that I should return it and get a refund. This was December 1. When I got home, I saw the carton and realized that yes, it is too small. Did I measure? No. So how on earth did I know what size fridge I was buying? Don’t ask. I thought I knew what I was doing.

Anyway, so that very day I emailed Konga and I rang them and explained that I’d made a mistake and that I wanted to return the fridge.

Ugh, you know what… This is going to take too long. I’m going to copy and paste an email that I just sent them…

“Needless to say I am very disappointed by this decision. I have seen the return policy. I have also looked at other items by RCT on Konga and NO WHERE does it state their return/refund policy.

I have admitted that I made an error when I ordered the item. I ordered the wrong size. But again, no dimensions were put on the seller’s page. Perhaps that should have been my first clue.

HOWEVER, I contacted Konga on the day of delivery (December 1) to request a return/refund. I emailed and I spoke with someone on the phone. I received an email confirmation to this effect. 
I spoke to Konga the next day (December 2) as well. I was assured that the seller had been contacted and that someone would get back to me.
On Monday (December 5) the seller contacted me to say I had had the item for more than three days so that they would not accept a return/refund. WHY DID THEY WAIT FOUR DAYS TO CONTACT ME?
I spoke with Konga again after that. On the Monday and on Wednesday (December 7) and again, I was assured that the seller had been contacted.
And then last night I received an email to say that the seller had declined my appeal for a return/refund because the item is not defective. 
So, please tell me – what does their policy state? They knew the item was not defective when they were first contacted. But they didn’t state that as their reason for not accepting a return. They said that I’d had the item for more than three days. And now they’re saying that they won’t accept it because it’s not defective?
PLEASE clear this up for me. 
I am very upset about this.”
I’m so angry about this right now. I don’t know if anything will come of this back and forth email exchange, but I have to try at least.
Meanwhile, if anyone wants a 212L Samsung single-door fridge, it’s NGN100,000.
Update: After Konga saw this post on Twitter, they rang me up and said they had a resolution. I could exchange my fridge with another item from the same seller. She told me that they had a chest freezer which was larger. I told her that this would not work as I ordered a fridge, not a freezer – and that I didn’t want a freezer.


Did I ever tell you that I use gloo.ng to do my online grocery shopping? I’ve been using them for a while. I think since 2013. And their service is excellent!

They even sent me free Smarties when they saw on Twitter that I was trying to give up smoking and couldn’t stop eating them. (That was ages ago and didn’t last long, just fyi.)

Usually when I order my stuff, I pay cash on delivery. But because I’ve been at school, I’ve started paying online. It really is so much easier.

Well, I was in school today and had a couple of free periods, so I decided to order a few things that we needed at home. While I was paying, I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t get a confirmation from them. I think there was a problem from the bank.

I emailed customer support and asked them if they’d received my payment. They replied promptly – they hadn’t. I checked my bank account – the amount had been debited.

WTF was going on?

I used the web chat on my banking platform to find out what was going on. It took a while, but they confirmed my account had been debited.

Meanwhile, I’d received an email from Gloo – they only had one pack of Pampers in stock.

Once the bank confirmed the debit, I emailed Gloo again – Had they received my payment? I received a reply soon after – they hadn’t.

So basically, my account had been debited – but where had the money gone? So I got back on to the bank web chat thingy and asked them to reverse that transaction. It took a little while again (mostly waiting for someone to be available to chat). Ok – done. Or it will be in forty-eight hours.

I emailed gloo again and asked them how to go about paying. I’d gone back to my online order and couldn’t see any payment option. And I wasn’t prepared to start putting all this stuff back in my basket and starting the process all over again.

While waiting for their reply, I got a phone call. The dispatch driver was outside my house – with my order – waiting for payment. Errr. I told him he could wait thirty minutes for me to come home or I could pay cash the next day. He said, ‘No problem. I’ll come back tomorrow.’

Customer service then called me and asked me to make the payment online – and since I couldn’t do it through their platform, they requested that I do it via bank transfer. They updated my invoice and sent me all the bank details, etc.

Although the whole thing has been a bit irritating – it’s not their fault. They have been wonderful and very helpful throughout all this.

Honestly – this is what customer service should be!


So… In case you were wondering which dry-cleaner I use(d), it’s Nathan’s.  Nathan’s on Adetokunbo Ademola Street in VI.

There.  I named and shamed.

I wasn’t going to.  Just as I wasn’t going to write the other post.  But I’m angry.

As I said in the other post, N (Nathan) was meant to get back to me last Friday – and he didn’t.

On Tuesday, LagosDad rang the dad and asked what was going on, etc.  He asked us to go in that afternoon at about 3 pm.

This wasn’t going to be easy as V goes over to Ikoyi Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and in order to get there by 4 pm, he has to leave home at 3pm.  It used to be 3.15 pm, but the traffic has become even more horrific lately!

Anyway, so I decided to take V with me.  We actually couldn’t leave our house because the traffic was so terrible.  I rang N and told him that I wouldn’t be able to make it and would come the following morning at about 11.30.  He said that was fine.

On Wednesday morning I went to Nathan’s on time.  I was kept waiting for a little while.  No problem.  Apparently he was in a meeting with the chairman (his father).

Nathan came downstairs and apologised for keeping me waiting and for all the confusion regarding compensation.  He said his father was ‘around’ and that he’d like me to meet him (I don’t know why as LagosDad already met him the previous week) and could I come back at 3 pm.

I explained that afternoons were absolutely impossible and that I’d come back the next morning.  He said that was fine.

This morning I didn’t make it – my fault.  Or not my fault.  LagosDad had the car.

I texted Nathan and explained and said I’d be there ASAP.

He replied asking me to come in at 3 pm.  What is it with these people and 3 pm???  I replied saying that I’d explained to him yesterday that afternoons were not possible and that I would come at 1 pm or the following morning.

I didn’t hear back but decided I’d just head over there for 1 pm.

When I got there, the manager came down and said that Nathan wasn’t in and wasn’t the meeting at 3 pm?

Jesus Christ.

I told him that I would come back the following morning.  He said to wait.  He was going to ring Nathan again and find out if the morning was suitable.

The manager came back to me and said that the MD was in (Nathan’s mother and the owner) and would see me.

If she had been there all along, why had I been kept waiting for so long???

Anyway, so I met the MD.

She asked me how much compensation I was expecting.  I told her I’d paid $300 for the outfit and only worn it that one time before sending it for dry-cleaning.

She said they couldn’t compensate me for the full amount.  And then went on to say, ‘Anyway, I was reading somewhere that silk really should be hand washed and not dry-cleaned.’  I showed her the ‘Dry-Clean Only’ label on my garment.  She said, ‘Yes, but you know – sometimes they just stick those labels on even if it doesn’t need dry-cleaning.’  I told her that I’d always sent my Indian clothes there and I’d never had any problems before.  Everyone knows you can’t hand wash them unless they’re cotton!

She went on to say that ‘Poor Nathan’ wasn’t even in the dry-cleaning business and that he was just stepping in while she was away.  She also said that she was trying to get hold of her husband to find out what was discussed in his meeting with LagosDad, because ‘whatever he said was final’.  I told her that was funny because no one seemed to be able to make a decision without consulting her first.

I told her that it wasn’t about the money.  If their policy is only to pay X amount, then that is what should have been said to us in the first place.  Whether it was Nathan or her husband.  We should not have been told things like, ‘Ooh, I can see that your clothes are expensive.  You’re definitely entitled to more than that.’  And why was everyone saying something different?

She said she would give me N15000 ($94) as a ‘sorry’.  She then went on about how every business has risks, etc. and I just happened to be unlucky this time.

She said she was sorry and she knew I was disappointed, she knows how she feels about her ‘things’, etc.  Yes.  I’m sure she does.  Sitting across from me in her diamonds.  She asked if that was ok with me.  I said, ‘Does it matter if it’s not ok?’  She said, ‘Of course it matters.  You should say.’  I responded with, ‘Is it going to make a difference?’  She said it wouldn’t.

I told her that although two customers probably wouldn’t make a difference to her business, she had lost us and that I would now look for somewhere else to send my dry-cleaning.  She said it’s always sad to lose customers and that she would think of another way to make it up to me.  How?  I don’t know.  And I don’t want to find out.

I left with my N15000 and told her I wouldn’t be back.

So there you have it.  Our two-week dry-cleaning saga has ended.  Thank God.

I’m not happy with how Nathan’s handled this.  I’m not happy at all.

Who can recommend somewhere else in VI?


I didn’t want to write this post.  And I wasn’t going to – because I thought the matter would be resolved within a few days.  But now that it’s been over a week, I decided I had to.

Last Monday (or maybe Tuesday) we sent a couple of things to our dry-cleaner to be cleaned.  We’ve been using them for years and have been quite happy with the service we’ve received.

Anyway, so as I said, we sent three items last week.  One was the top of an Indian outfit of mine (foundation problem), one was a dress and the third was the top of one of LagosDad’s Indian outfits, which had a stain on the sleeve.

On Wednesday the receptionist from the dry-cleaner rang me to say she was very sorry but while trying to remove the stain from one of the items (I didn’t understand which one she meant at the time), whoever was treating it accidentally put a hole in it.

In addition, the colour from one of the items (the dress with red) ran and there’s nothing they can do about it.

I’d had a terrible afternoon so far and was seriously cross.  I knew the one with the colour which had run was mine.  I’d worn the outfit once and it was expensive.

I told her that this was unacceptable and as a professional, whoever was dry-cleaning it should have realised that the colour may run and they shouldn’t have done it.

She was very apologetic.

I asked her what compensation they would give me.  I realise that in many places they put up signs and notices stating that the dry-cleaners are not responsible for any damage, etc. to any garments.  There are no such signs at this dry-cleaner.

I think the receptionist was surprised that I’d asked.  And she said she’d ask the manager and call me back.  She called back to say I’d get 10% off the next ten things I send in for dry cleaning.

Was she joking?

1. The value of my outfit is more than that.

2. Why would I continue to send my clothes there?

I hung up.

I told LagosDad about it when he got home that evening and he was pretty livid.  He told me I had to go there and ‘make a noise’ about it until I got some form of compensation.  I explained that I’m not like that and that he better come with me!

So on Saturday (9th November) afternoon, that’s where we went.  We got our clothes and I just wanted to cry when I saw what had happened.








So it was white.  Now it’s not.  All the little threads had come loose.










And it shrunk.






And LagosDad’s top…








While we were waiting and demanding to see someone ‘in charge’, a lady came in to collect her garments.  She said one of her items had been ruined and she was still waiting to see someone in management.  It had been a month.

Anyway, so once we saw the damage, LagosDad asked to see someone in management.  The receptionist said that the owner had travelled.  LagosDad asked her to get her on the phone.  She disappeared to make the phone call and LagosDad received a work call at the same time.  The receptionist came back after him and said, ‘She is on flight.’

LagosDad wanted to know how she answered the phone if she was ‘on flight’.  And they started arguing.  I received a call and went outside to answer it.  When I came back LagosDad had gone into the ‘Employees only’ section.  It was where all the cleaning happens and it can be seen from the reception area as the partition was all glass.

Anyway, he wanted to know who had treated my outfit.  He was convinced it had been put in the washing machine.

Now, because he had ‘made noise’ someone came out of an office and said, ‘What’s going on here?’

LagosDad explained the situation and said he wanted to speak to management and no one would help us and asked who he was.  The man said, ‘I’m the manager.’

Then another person came out and asked the same, ‘What’s going on here?’  He was the owner’s son (I will call him N).  The owner who was ‘on flight’.

He asked us to come up to his office.  LagosDad refused at first.  He wanted to know why he had to argue and make a scene before someone in management came out to see to us.

N apologised and said that the matter had not been brought to his attention.  Instead the employees decided to call his mum who wasn’t in the country?  Errr…  Ok.

So off to his office we went.  We told him what the problem was.  We told him that the compensation offered to us (apparently the ‘management’ who offered the 10% deal was not him or his mum) wasn’t acceptable and that the clothes were worth much more.

He looked at the clothes.  Called a couple of his employees into the office and asked them to explain what had happened to the clothes.

No one could really give us a satisfactory answer apart from, ‘It wasn’t me.’  You know… The usual.

N, by the way was wearing a Rolex.  I would say educated in the US because of his accent and I’m pretty sure the Mercedes 4WD outside in the car park was his.

He was very apologetic and said we were definitely entitled to compensation but that he couldn’t decide how much as he had to consult with his mum who was on her way back from wherever.  He asked us to leave the matter with him until Monday and then he’d call.

Fair enough.  Although, why can’t he make a decision on his own?  He is clearly management.  The business is named after him…

Anyway, on Tuesday N rang LagosDad and asked us to come in for a meeting.

I couldn’t make it – but LagosDad went.  This meeting was with N’s dad.

He was also apologetic.  He said there was no excuse for the damage and that the staff should actually NOT have treated my outfit if they thought the colour might run.  They decided that we would receive compensation.  On the back of the dry cleaning ticket, it says that ‘any unsatisfactory job will be repeated free of charge’  It also says, ‘in the case of loss by fire or any loss or damage to garment whilst in the hands of ourselves or subcontractors for which we accept liability, compensations shall not exceed more than five times the cost of dry-cleaning’.  However, N’s dad said he could see that my clothes were worth more, he said he WOULD GIVE US MORE.  But he would have to discuss the amount with his wife (WTF?).  And he said that they would repair LagosDad’s kurta (top).  He also said he’d call the next day.

By Thursday afternoon we’d still not heard from anyone, so I rang N (because LagosDad said I had to).  He was quite friendly on the phone.  He said he’d make a couple of calls and get back to me.

He did call back a few minutes later.  But you know what he did?  He FLASHED me!  (This means giving someone a missed call so they have to call you back.)  The man wearing a ROLEX and driving a MERC FLASHED ME!

I called him back.  He said he thought that the matter had been closed with his dad because LagosDad had brought my outfit home.

Errr…  No.  I explained what had transpired.  He said his dad had travelled to Abuja and was ‘pretty busy’ and before he called him, he wanted to confirm that LagosDad had agreed to have his kurta repaired by making it into a short-sleeved top.  I didn’t know.  I told him I’d find out and text him.

I found out that this is what had been decided.  I texted N and told him so and added that I hoped the matter could be closed asap as it had been pending almost a week.

I received the delivery message.

I didn’t hear anything back.

On Friday (15th November) afternoon at about 3, I decided I couldn’t put it off any longer and I called N back.

At first he pretended he didn’t know who I was.  Then he sounded irritated that I had the nerve to call him again.  He eventually said he’d call me back at 4 pm with ‘more information’.

It is now 8.30 pm on Saturday, 16th November, and I have not heard back from him.

The thing is, it’s not even the money so much as the principle.  They are running us around and now avoiding us.

If we were not entitled (or if they didn’t want to give us) to any compensation, they should have made that clear at the start.

And what is it with everyone having to ask the mother/wife?  Aren’t they all in the business together?  And why is it such a big deal?  They’re wearing Rolexes and driving Mercs!

So when LagosDad brought my outfit back, he brought it in their carrier bag.  I didnt know if I should laugh or cry!


Can you see what the small print says?  No?  Hang on a second.


Where Is My Order?!

While browsing Instagram a couple of weeks ago, I came across a picture of someone who had nearly finished the Clean 9 Detox (sorry I can’t remember who!).

I found myself wishing I lived in the UK again so I could have easy access to these and other products.  I’m sure life would be much easier.

Anyway, I recognised the Forever Living logo – they have an office down the road from me, so I figured there must be a distributor around here somewhere.

I found them on Jumia and ordered it.  The site said that my items would be delivered in 1 to 5 days.

Almost immediately after I placed my order someone from Jumia called to verify my order and said that delivery would probably take seven days as they were moving their warehouse, but that I’d be notified by email when my order shipped.

No problem.

On Friday (the one just gone) it had been seven days and I’d heard nothing.  I emailed customer service and have been fuming that I’ve not heard back from them.  In fact, they did reply, but the email went into my spam folder.  The email didn’t give me any information, except to say that I would be notified when my order shipped.

On Saturday I called them to see what was going on.  Eight days by now.  The customer service man wasn’t very helpful.  He said my product was on the shelf and ready to be shipped.  I asked him if he knew when it would be shipped.  He said he didn’t, but told me the address it would be shipped to.  Thanks for that.  I know my address.

A minute after I hung up I received an email saying that my order had been shipped!

On Sunday I tweeted them to say I was disappointed in their service.  No response.

Today is Monday.  Day TEN.  I received an email this morning just before 11 am saying that my order would be delivered today and that dispatch personnel would call prior to delivery.

At 12.30 pm I received a text message saying exactly the same thing as the email.

It is now 6.35 pm and I have heard NOTHING else!


If it’s been delayed again or if there’s a problem, why can’t they just let me know?  Which is what they should have done on Friday before I emailed them.  Am I meant to just sit at home and wait for them to show up?

I’m so sick of inefficiency.