Christmas Stuff

This is the first year we’ve been in Lagos for Christmas for a really long time. My third time in the last ten years. The last time we were here was when I came back with V1 when he was twelve weeks old. We put a tree up that year – but didn’t do presents or anything like that.

This year, I wanted to make it really special for V1 and for V2 as it was his first Christmas (not that he would remember.

So I just wanted to share a few of our Christmas pictures.

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The Elf

This Christmas (or is it now last Christmas?) we got an Elfย for the first time and V called him Fisbee.

I thought I’d use Fisbee as a tool to encourage good behaviour – you know to earn extra points with Santa. Fisbee left him a couple of notes – reminding him to say good morning to his grandparents and to do his Kumon (I know, I just can’t let it go).

I know the point of the elf is for the kids to find him in all sorts of weird and wonderful situations each day – but you know what… I’m not that creative. And I couldn’t be arsed.

Anyway – so V was ecstatic to look for Fisbee in the mornings. He wasn’t just sitting on a shelf somewhere. He was hiding amongst the Christmas presents one morning, hanging off the Christmas tree another. One morning he was hanging off the chandelier, and another reading a book. Ok – so not the most exciting – but V was happy.

Pretty soon (after a couple of days) V got bored with the notes and letters asking him to do stuff. So I decided I wouldn’t bother anymore.

Honestly, it was enough to see his face light up every morning when he spotted him.

I suppose that’s what it’s all supposed to be about!

Fisbee – The Elf on the Shelf

Now I know most of you already know about The Elf on the Shelf – I already knew about it too. I’ve just been anxiously waiting for V1 to be excited about Christmas before getting one!


When he came home from school yesterday, he went straight to his room. And there he saw The Elf. The nanny and I claimed no knowledge as to how it got there.
I sat V down and started to read the accompanying story. He kept staring at the Elf suspiciously and interrupted every other word with, “What’s he doing here?” “Who is he watching?” “Why?”
I told him Santa had sent him to watch over all of us. And that he was going to report back to Santa on our behaviour every night. V looked at the Elf again and said, “I want to throw him in the bin.”
I know the whole elf thing is meant to be about the children – but I’d been looking forward to this for at least three years! No no no. I couldn’t have this.
So I told him to let me finish the story and he could ask me questions afterwards. (Once a teacher…)
I finished the story and explained it all to him over again. And he got excited about it. Finally!
He named the Elf Fisbee  (which was one of the suggested names in the book). I was pushing for Buddy (like in the movie Elf), but he wasn’t having any of that. And I didn’t want to push my luck!
He happily told LagosDad and his grandparents about Fisbee.
And he was super excited to find Fisbee hanging off a light in the living room this morning. He even went so far as to say, “I’m going to be a good boy all day today!”
So fingers crossed that the excitement continues…
And that he is a “good” boy all day!

The Advent Calendar

So here a couple of things I didn’t think about before buying V1 his first chocolate Advent calendar…
1. Ants
2. Melted chocolates
3. Can be used to bribe V1 top do his Kumon
4. Dog might get to chocolate before any of us

So the calendar will be kept in the fridge and only taken out to open the door, discuss the numbers and look at the pictures. This WILL only happen after the Kumon is done. And we’ll have to be careful not to drop any more of the chocolates!


I thought I’d make an early start today.  Go out, do some shopping, etc.  So didn’t happen like that!

We decorated the tree in the morning;


with a combination of decorations that we’ve used since we were children,


and new ones ๐Ÿ™‚



After napping, V decided he wanted to go to the mall and drive cars (he didn’t have to ask me twice!)!  I took him to Mercato.


Vinay had a great time ‘driving’ the bus ๐Ÿ™‚


This made me laugh!


Mercato is a very pretty mall, I wish I’d taken some pictures actually (no doubt I’ll be going there again at some point).  But the stores are so-so…  I went into one and asked the sales guy for a pair of trousers in a UK 14. 

He replied, ‘Sorry ma’am, we don’t have big sizes.’ 

Jesus – since when has a 14 been a big size?!  I won’t be going there again.

Wafi City

Day one in Dubai has been quite uneventful…

Because we didn’t get home from the airport until 5.30am, we spent most of the day lazing around.  Everyone had an afternoon nap – apart from me.  I’m kicking myself for that now – but hey-ho.

I wanted to take V out just for a while in the evening, so he could see stuff.  We went to Wafi City for a bit.  Here are some pictures…

I loved the big Christmas tree and decor.


V spotted this little play area…


And went straight to the kitchen area.


Meanwhile, Mama spotted THIS!


We walked around for a little while.  V wanted this…


But was happy to kiss him goodbye when Mama said, ‘no’.


Look at these Christmas tree decorations I spotted.


We didn’t see much, I know – but it was definitely interesting.  And what did V enjoy the most?

That’s right…

The escalators!


So… V is two.  Two and three months.  

Old enough to understand a little about Christmas, right?  Santa, Christmas trees, lights, gifts, etc.

I hate to admit it – but I haven’t really introduced him to any of those things.  If we were staying here for the holidays, I’d have put up the tree and had him help me decorate it.  But since we’re leaving next week, I decided there was no point.

I knew he’d do a few Christmas activities in nursery, and I thought I’d just build on that at home.

Not very fair on him, I know…

Anyway, so he’s seen the Christmas lights nearby – and I showed him the tree and presents, etc.  

At school they decorated a tree, made snowmen and Santas.  And then we talked about it when we came home.  But I didn’t make too much of a big deal about it.

So you can imagine my surprise when…

Two days ago we were in the car and Jingle Bells came on on the radio.  And he started singing along!

And this is even with the lack of input from home.

I feel so guilty!  The first things he’s learnt about Christmas he’s learnt at school!

The Ultimate Christmas Meme

Christmas?!  It’s come round quickly this year, hasn’t it?  Thank you TheBoyandMe for tagging me (again)!

1.  The Christmas song I can listen to even in June is…

Last Christmas by Wham.  Sad, I know.  But I LOVE it.

2.  Hot chocolate, egg nog or mulled wine?

Hot chocolate, definitely.  The other two make me want to be sick!

3.  When do you put your decorations up?

Hmm…  IF we stay in Lagos for the holiday (only twice in the last 5 years), we I put the tree up in the second week of December.  We don’t usually put any other decorations up.  It just feels a bit strange when it’s so hot outside!  No decorations or tree this year!

4.  What are you having for Christmas dinner?

We arrive in Dubai at about five on Christmas morning – so not sure what the dinner plan will be.  But it will probably be take-out!

5.  What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

We don’t really celebrate Christmas.  However, when we (the family) all lived in London (pre-marriage) we always had a tree.  We always bought each other presents and put them under the tree and my mum always made Christmas lunch.  I loved that we always waited until after we’d had lunch before opening our presents.

6.  Have you ever gone carol singing?

No.  But I did enjoy singing Christmas carols at school!

7.  When did you discover the truth about Santa?

I think I always knew that he didn’t *really* exist.  But I couldn’t understand how things came to be in my stocking when no one had been home that evening.  Maybe he does exist?

8.  How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

I don’t put tinsel or lights on our tree.  I put mini-Santas on it, candy canes, tiny presents wrapped in red and green with little gold ribbons and a couple of reindeer.  I definitely need to get some more decorations for it – it usually looks a bit bare!

9.  All I want for Christmas is…

I haven’t really thought about it yet!

I’m going to tag:


And, anyone else who hasn’t done this yet! (Sorry – got some blogs to catch up with!)