No – it’s not spam and I haven’t been hacked.

This post is actually called Pussy.

Two days ago Vinay and I were doing his Farm Animals sticker book.

On the page we were doing he had to place the stickers of baby animals next to their mothers.

We were talking about the animals, what the babies were called, the noises they make and how cute they are.

And the conversation took a sudden turn.

V: Mama, see pussy.

Me: See WHAT?  Oh yes, see it’s a cat!

V: No mama.  It’s pussy.

Me: Yes Vinay, it’s a cat.

V: See baby pussy.

Me: Yes – what a cute kitten!

V: No. His name is Pussy.  Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy.

Me: Yes Vinay, it’s a mama cat and her kitten.

V: Mama, please tell Papa to buy me pussy.

Me: Should we finish the rest of this tomorrow?

V: Yes.  Goodbye pussy!

Jesus.  I thought that conversation would never end!