Going Potty

Since Vinay was just over a year old, I’ve been trying to encourage him to sit on the potty for a few minutes before his bath.  Just to get used to it.  

My mum, who of course has an opinion, said I should have started doing that when he was six months old.  

Anyway… V wasn’t having any of it.  AT ALL.  He would freak out each time.  I decided that I wasn’t going to pressure him as it would probably turn him off forever.  And I left him alone.  

Once he started nursery (when he was two years old) and saw other children using the toilet properly, he would randomly ask to sit on the potty to do whatever he needed to.

About ten days ago he decided he wanted to wear ‘big boy pants’ while he was at home.  And every five minutes someone was asking him if he wanted to go to the bathroom!

That day was a Sunday.  And the next day, he insisted on wearing a nappy to nursery.  Even after sitting him down and explaining that his teacher would take him to the bathroom if he wanted and that if he had an accident, it was okay and that there would be spare clothes and pants in his bag.  But no.  He wanted to wear a nappy.

Once he was back home – he wanted to wear his pants again and we’ve had only one or two accidents.

This weekend we talked again about wearing pants to school and he seemed to quite like the idea – except he’s been ill (again) and hasn’t been to nursery yesterday or today.

So, wearing his pants at home is working well for us at the moment.  And he’s becoming more confident in asking when he wants to go to the bathroom.  But I think he’s still a bit shy about going to school wearing pants.

If I continue to let him wear a nappy to school and to wherever else we go and his pants at home – is potty training him going to take forever?

Should I insist he wears pants to school once he goes back?