Bizarre Bazaar

There’s a bazaar on Saturday and I’ve bought myself a table!

I’m rather excited about it – because it’ll give me a chance to really get my name ‘out there’.

But I’m also very nervous.

1. Should I take all my products?  All the shoes and all the clothes?

2. I don’t want to be scrabbling around under the table looking for sizes!

3. What will be the best way to display my products so that I *don’t* have to scrabble around under the table? *makes mental note to find out size of table*

4. Should I take everything? (I know this was number one, but it’s really bothering me.)

5. Who can come with me to help?

Does anyone have any experience of taking part in a bazaar?  Any words of wisdom?


(I know the title of this post makes so sense. It’s named after a mix-up in a school newsletter a few years ago)