Mama Kangaroo

Over the last few weeks, Vinay has started pretending that I’m various ‘mama’ animals and he’s various ‘baby’ animals.  For example, he might climb into my lap, put his arms around me (I love this) and say, “Mama, you are the mama gorilla.  And I’m the baby gorilla.”  Then when he says, “Mama Gorilla?”  I have to answer with, “Yes, Baby Gorilla?”

There must be a point to it all…  I just haven’t figured it out yet.

Anyway, so yesterday while waiting for something to start on CBeebies, we had a conversation that went something like this…

V: Mama.  You are the mama kangaroo and I’m the baby kangaroo.

Me: Ok.

V: Mama Kangaroo?

Me: Yes, Baby Kangaroo?

V: Can I go inside your pouch?

Me: Of course you can.

He then spent a little while headbutting my stomach while trying to get into my ‘pouch’.

V: I can’t get in!

Me: Why don’t you just sit on my lap and pretend you’re sitting in my pouch?

V: No.  I know.  Mama, open your legs!


Me: Look!  Your show is starting on CBeebies!

V: Hooray!

Thank GOD he quickly forgot about his game!

Arabia’s Wildlife Centre

We FINALLY went to the zoo today!  I’ve been singing ‘We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo’ for two days now!

We went back to Sharjah to Arabia’s Wildlife Centre.  It cost only Dhs15 for each adult (£2.50) and Vinay was free.  It’s not a ‘proper’ zoo…  It was all indoors and the animals are all natural to the Arabian Peninsula.  So no elephants or giraffes or anything.  But we had a great time 🙂

We started out looking at snakes.  Moved onto frogs, fish, minibeasts (I skipped that bit) and then rodents (Hub skipped that bit.  He has a rodent phobia).  The best bit was the aviary.  You can walk through it while the birds just fly around and do their thing.  I loved watching Vinay watch the birds.  Next were the nocturnal animals, baboons, hyenas, wolves, cheetahs and leopards.

Unfortunately, no photography was allowed inside and all cameras had to be handed in at the front desk.  But here’s a picture of the building (so helpful, I know):


And some pretty flowers outside…


Next door they had a Children’s Farm.  We didn’t have to pay any extra for it and photos were allowed 🙂

They had goats, sheep, ducks, horses and camels.  It was so funny to look at Vinay’s face.  He was scared (but not of the ducks)!  He’s only ever seen these animals (apart from horses) in books and on television.  He had no idea how big they would be!


He *wanted* to feed the goats, but was frightened and cried everytime we got too close. 


By the time we went round (about five minutes) he was feeling more confident and wanted to feed the camels!


Decided that would *not* be wise and went back to the goats.  But he got frightened again *eye roll*.

It was a really great afternoon and very worth it.  Especially since it was V’s first ‘animal experience’!



Kissing Birds

Vinay loves animals.  He’s not talking yet (apart from ‘mama’), but he can identify a variety of animals by pointing at them.  I’m sure there are many fourteen month old “babies” that can do this, but I’m ridiculously proud of my boy!

His favourite of all is birds.  I don’t know why – but he *loves* birds (the feathered kind, not the female kind!).  He gets very excited when he sees them in books or in the garden.  He often kisses them when he sees them in his books – but sometimes needs a little encouragement…