I Have To Have It!

I used to be quite a regular on Pinterest.

I was not, like other Pinterest users I know, pinning art and craft ideas, organisational stuff or home DIY projects. I was very busy pinning pictures of shoes, handbags, jewellery and furniture that I wanted. I eventually, out of guilt, created a ‘Kids’ board and started pinning nursery ideas and cute outfits and shoes.

I can’t remember why, but I lost interest and kind of forgot about it all – for a year or two at least!

And now I’ve rediscovered my love for it. My love for pinning expensive shoes and handbags, places I’ll probably never go to, make up I’ll never be able to do myself, stunning women with beautiful bodies I’ll never look like and jewellery that I’ll never have. Oh, and walk-in closets. Lots of walk-in closets! But you know what? It doesn’t matter! It actually makes me happy.

LagosDad gave me an iPhone for Christmas (yay!) and I absolutely love it. I’m also terrified of dropping it, banging it against something or Booni getting a hold of it and throwing it across the room. So I’ve been looking for a (not boring) cover for it. I found the most amazing covers on Pinterest.

There’s a huge selection available on Casetify – but I think the Monika Strigel collection is the best. Now… How can I get them here?



















4 thoughts on “I Have To Have It!

  1. Thank you so much! Will check it out for sure. The problem is the waiting time though. I don’t have the patience to wait 4 weeks! And I know the phone will probably be broken by then! Going to check it out now though. Maybe I can buy other stuff! 😉

  2. Hello LagosMum!
    I`m really happy that you like my designs so much, that you share the pictures and recommend my store on Casetify. I am a Mum of two kids and we do our living out of my design work. Alieexpress is the HELL ON EARTH for me and all other designers. They do copy all designs, press them onto cheap cheap plastic casees, and sell them around the world. I have no chance to see a cent out of this thievery. If you support this post, or even consider to buy at Alieexpress, you can wait, till no artist is doing more great design, but will go clean houses to make a living. If you really like my designs, please delete this ridiculous post of Girlonfire. I will also a claim on Copyright INfringement through my lawyer to this site and these shops.
    I hope you understand, what those posts and those thievery shops mean to the whole artist world.

    • Hi! Thank you for reading and commenting. I LOVE your phone cases! I have not used Aliexpress – to be honest, I looked at it (because I desperately wanted one of your covers) – but when I saw how cheap they were selling everything, I realised something wasn’t right! I will delete the comment you mentioned. Wishing you the best of luck.

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